Sunday, May 1, 2011

Yes I Have Seen Your Smile!

However you try to conceal it, I have seen your smile.

It was like a lightening in the aphotic sky, it was like shining in the blank eyes. Your smile had confidence of mountains and fragrance of flowers.

It was as pristine as the first snow of the season. I felt happiness for only this reason.

The feeling of fresh breeze caressing the leaves of a tree was evident in your smile to a tee.

Your smile has sheen of stars, but I like the aroma of earth in it. It has heights of mountains, but l like the depths of sea in it.

Your smile has strength of a falcon’s feathers, your smiles has courage of a sun to defy cloudy weathers.

Your smile has eternity of a rosary and tranquility of a hymn.

So, keep smiling, for the world needs more pearls of smile to outnumber the roughy stones of gloom.

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