Sunday, August 21, 2016

Games, games, games!

Here steel is melt with the heat of blood, sweat and courage. And gold, silver, and bronze are crafted with sheer determination to only excel.

Bodies making somersaults in the air, water and on earth are there to write new chapter in the history of humanity. They are not there to make the records but to break the boundaries of limitation of human efforts.

Every body part works in a rhythm to achieve a goal. The heart, brain, eyes, hands, and legs are all channelized and focused to design a new and unforgettable moment in history. Here not only winning but participating is also a matter of huge respect. Every participant represents their country and with their total commitment they participate in the games to prove their mettle.

To kiss the medal is dream of every contestant, but finishing last is by no means any mean feat in these games. The games are so majestic that here you can stay behind but loser is none. You might not win a medal but no one can snatch you the privilege of being part such a huge platform.

When you go home, you don’t go empty handed but with bundle of experience of yourself and others to prepare you better for the next time. Don’t forget, life is about hope and there is always a next time in life.