Thursday, July 16, 2015

Till we meet the next time!

Today , a smile got etched on my lips; the reason behind the smile was a moment rinsed with your reminiscence.

It felt as if something got written on the blank pages of my soul again.

It has been eons since you have left me, but when I remember you, I feel the feeling of yesterday.

I cannot name a relationship with you but in this namelessness, I find a sense of one-ship with you.

I can’t define you but in this abstractness, I have many times refined you.

But still I can’t say that I know you.

For me happiness resides in every layer of your memories that I discover every time remembering you.

I wish you to be unfettered from my memories and appear into my reality.

But life is intertwined with destiny and it is known for its brutality.

Without you there is left nothing within me.

Without you there dies everything within me.

But your memory has resurrective power,

It resurrects every moment of every hour, when you were mine, when my destiny also had a shine.

I will try to preserve this smile till we meet the next time!

Friday, July 10, 2015

Honey Diet and My Honey!

I used to like Piyush a lot. We were studying MBA in the same college but he was in the different section. He was kind of a dude on whom any girl would swoon. I used to steal glance of him while passing the gangway after the class used to get over.

I am not that great cricket fan but I used to go to the lawn with my friends to watch him play during the inter college competitions. I had never overtly expressed my penchant for him but I think that my roommate had an inkling of my fondness for him. But she also never talked with me about this.
Days in the MBA College are hectic. Classes, presentations, seminars sap all the energy of a student. You have to be on your toes always. Surprise quizzes and exams are two demons that would never let you have a tight sleep in an MBA college but whatever sleep I used to manage, I used to dream about Piyush. Whenever I used to think about him, I had goosebumps. And a kind of intoxication used to enwrap me.

I used to feel good after thinking about him. I am kind of a dreamer. Amid the lectures, I used to get rapt in the dreams of how I am meeting Piyush and expressing my love for him. On my confession of love Piyush gets really ecstatic and tells me that he also used to think the same way about me. Then we go to the mall of the city and watch a romantic picture in the theater there. Then the evening ends with a candle light dinner. An utter satisfaction used to fill my heart and then amid the hullabaloo of question and answer session of the class, I would return from my dream trip.

One night my roommate offered to convey my feelings for Piyush to him. Somehow I also agreed. When my roommate went to him to tell him about my feelings, I was watching both of them from a distance. When their conversation ended my roommate came back to me but didn’t utter a word.
When I asked her thousand times only then she told me that he doesn’t like girls who are plumpy…ok fat. To be point blank he said that who would even think of linking an obese girl.

I was devastated. I never thought that he would talk in such rude measure about me. My all dreams were strewn in smithereens around me.

That day I resolved to shed my weight. I started exercising; taking 10 laps of running became a ritual for me. But even after these strenuous exercises I was not being able to shed my weight. Then one day my roommate suggested me to pot for honey diet and told me to choose the trusted Dabur brand of honey. Actually she had also felt bad that day when Piyush had rejected me badly so she used to do all the research for the weight management.

Amazingly, in the next fifteen day that I was on the Honey Diet, I shed my weight tremendously and after one and half month I was in a complete shape.  One day while I was having my breakfast Piyush came up to me and expressed his love for me before whole audience. I was taken aback for a moment. But then I realized that the honey diet of the Dabur Honey had really weaved its magic to make me seem fit in the eyes of Piyush. I was really happy that day to find my honey through honey diet.

P.S: This is a creative story!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

UC Browser lets you see cricket just anywhere!

I was a professor of marketing in one of the reputed Business Schools of the city of Nagpur. My job entailed keeping myself engaged in activities related to pedagogy. From Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to Four P’s, my life revolved around delicate and difficult theories of marketing. Making students understand the difference between wants and needs and why selling is different from marketing but still constitutes an integral part of marketing was my every mental juggle. Sure I loved marketing as subject from my student days, but there was something else too that I had a great passion for in my life and that was cricket.

Cricket has been my first love. No I am not one of those fortunate enough guys who have seen greats like Don Bradman,Gary Sobers ,Lala Amarnath, or Gundappa Vishwanath play, but I have seen Sunil Gavaskar and Kapil Dev play and have almost grown up watching Sachin Tendulkar  break all the records of the cricket book. I have seen Anil Kumble taking 10 wickets in an innings,Kapil Dev becoming the higest  test wicket taker , Sunil Gavaskar making 10,000 runs, I have also seen Sachin surpassing him. I have seen the southpaw god Brain Lara make his 400 runs, I have seen Glen McGrath, Shen Warne and Muthaih Murlitheran making the ball a magical lump. I have seen India getting thrashed in 1996 world cup semi -final and I have also seen India winning world cup in 2011.

Today there was a clash between India and Australia in the final of a trilateral series. India had started well but I had to take my classes. I went to the class to teach then the marketing, even cricket is a kind of marketing nowadays. After one and half of an hour,I finished my class and rushed to my car to go home. The distance between my home and the college was of just half an hour of drive. But that day there was a lot of traffic. Perhaps everyone was in a hurry to go to home and watch match. When the traffic didn’t budge for some ten minutes, my attention went to my smartphone, I tried surfing the web to know the score. But the speed was of a snail. It took a hell lot of time to open the website and by then the signal got to green so I had to move on.

After trudging through the traffic, I reached my apartment. Quickly I got off  the car and went to the lift of my apartment.  I was expecting to reach my home soon and imagining of watching the game of cricket ensconced in my sofa. As I was rapt in my imagination, I felt a jerk. The lights went off and I knew that my match was gone. Because last time the lift had stopped and it had stopped for a good two hours. I tried surfing the cricket on my smartphone but of now use. Among other persons in the lift, there was a boy with in the lift as well, he must have been around 20 years and he was busy with his smartphone. He had dreadlocks and weird beard. I never liked that kind of guys. But just out of curiosity, I leaned over to see what he was watching. Given his rapper like appearance, I had little hope that he would have any interest in cricket, but I was wrong, he was watching the match and that too with live real time activities.

I told him that my smartphone was not able to play cricket. He took my phone and downloaded the UC Browser into it. And to my surprise, the UC Browser got downloaded very fast. After that he directed me to UC Cricket, and golly! I was getting the live pictures of cricket in a closed space like the lift. I had to be in the lift for next half an hour and I enjoyed India winning in the lift.
 I thanked the dreadlock guy for his geeky help and to UCBrowser and UC Cricket. Had it not been for UC Browser and UC Cricket, I would have missed a glorious win of India.