Saturday, February 28, 2015

Quikr NXT: A hassle free ride to get rid of your used car!

Being a single mother and that too who is working is a tough ask. Every day I drop my 5 years old daughter to her kindergarten while going to the office and pick her up during my lunch time. And after putting her at my mother’s place I go again back to my office. And in this, my car supports me a lot. Though it has become old but it is in fine condition. It runs smooth like a knife through the butter.

I still remember when I had bought it after savings of my first job.  I had given the ride from Pune to Mahabaleshwar to my parents. I had gone on picnics with my college days friends in this car. When I had adopted my daughter, I had brought her home in this car. So, this car is of a great emotional value to me.
Many of my colleagues had taunted me several times that an art director of so big advertising agency does not suit coming in this this trite car. But I was in no way ready to accept their pieces of advice.  I loved my queen.  I could never have thought to sell off.

My car and I are living “happily ever after”.

But one day, the happy tryst with my car become sour . On a rainy night, while I was going to pick my daughter from my mother’s house, I felt some jerks while changing the gears. And after getting jerk for 2-3 times, it stopped. It was a desolate road and the rain was lashing the earth with all of its vehemence. 
I was putting the key in to ignite the engine but was failing. In the desolate road, I was feeling scared to death.  I was putting the key again and again in the keyhole to ignite, but failed. I thought of calling my colleague Sandhya. But her mobile was unreachable.  I was in real jeopardy now. One car stopped and a guy alighted from the car, came near to me and asked me: “Can I help you madam?”

He was stinking of hooch.

“No, Thank you… my husband is coming,” I replied him to avoid. In giving reference of husband is necessary if you are stuck up in such situation.

As I was talking to him, I was trying to ignite the engine as well and by the grace of God my car started. And I pressed the accelerator with full speed. I changed the gears from 1 to 5 in no time. I came away from that dreadful place and took a sigh of relief.

Next day, I showed the car to my mechanic.  After examination he discovered that the rings of the engine had worn out and it needed emergent replacing. After the repair of the car in the evening he advised me to part ways with the car and started to give me some offers.

But her offers were skewed towards his profit not mine.

After that scary incident I had also made up my mind in the night that I will sell of this car, but wanted to sell it off on my conditions.  The gruesome experience of the night had pushed me to come out of my emotional cocoon and think realistically and practically.

I had created one slogan for in the past. So, it suddenly dawned upon me that why not use it. When I searched more about Quikr, I found out about Quikr NXT app. I downloaded it on my mobile. And it was really helpful. I could chat with all the prospect buyers and bargain in my favour. Within just fifteen days I sold off my car and that was a profit considering the wear and tear it had and considering the amount I had spent on its repair.

After this Quikr NXT experience, now I advise others to sell off their car only through Quikr NXT.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Pampers: A recipe for peaceful sleeps of your baby!

My husband is mostly out of town on the tour, given his marketing job.  So, it is mostly me and my handsome 2 years old prince who have to take care of loneliness of each other. I share with him stories of my childhood, my college days and even days of my courtship. He smiles with his cacophonous bliss to approve of my mischief of my childhood. He is a true mischief himself that is why perhaps he likes my tomboyish stories.

Going through my wedding album at night with my son is a daily ritual. Every day, I introduce him with his grand- dad and grand- mother, his uncle and his aunts. I have observed that he likes me in the bridal wear a lot. He insists on staring at that picture. If I turn the leaf of the album he starts crying. I think that he loves the whole concept of wedding.

I weave stories of his wedding with the shy and lovely moon of the night. He also enjoys staring transfixed at the sight of moon. I keep him ensconced in the cradle in our balcony and he keeps himself lost in the world of moon and stars.  I don’t know if it is the effect of my story that he seems so attached with moon or he has some leanings for astronomy.

I always make it a point that he hears the voice of his father daily. I call him every night when he is away, I put the earpiece of the phone near my baby and he enjoys a lot listening to the voice of his father. And after talking with his father, he sleeps the whole night so well. I wrap him in his favorite diaper and it is only in the morning that I hear his cries.

But once I had encountered a real problem with his sleep.

Actually, once my sister, who had come on the vacation trip to my city with her college group and after her project finished she decided to spend the weekend with me. I was really excited to see my sister after almost a year. She was doing her masters in psychology and had come to the city to do a project on motivation of blue collared workers in coal mines of my city. I had prepared a very sumptuous dinner for my sister. After a very long time we ate together.

I did all the bed time rituals for my baby. He seemed also very happy playing with my sister. But in the night he got up crying several times. I patted him to sleep. Next day when he again started crying in his sleep, it got me worried as to why he was behaving like that. I gave him gripe water thinking his stomach must be aching. But there was no respite in his crying.

It was my sister who hinted that it might be his diaper that must be wet and that is why he was crying.  I touched the diaper from out- side diaper and it seemed dry but when I opened it, it was real soggy.  I changed the diaper but after two hours he again started crying. I again checked his diaper and it was drenched again.

Then it downed upon me that I had changed his PampersDiapers to other brand and that is why he was feeling that way. I asked my sister to look after my son and went to the market and fetched his favorite PampersDiapers.  I wrapped his bottoms in Pampers. And what a relief it was for me. He became a cool dude again by sleeping without crying. Since then I have never changed his Pampers Diapers.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

My Bucket List: to sprinkle a listless life with some spices!

The throng on the Delhi metro is really crushing. Your muscles get sapped of all the energy by the evening. After being bruised and battered by every hour of the day, when I reach home totally frazzled in the evening, I am informed by my wife that our maid didn’t come today.  It felt like a thunderbolt to me. Not coming of the maid means that today I have to prepare the dinner.

Actually my wife is bedridden for last five years that is why I have kept a maid to cook the food. Doctors have given strict regimen for diet of my wife and the market foods are a real no no given their infection-doling ability. So, today I will have to make the food. It is not that I abhor cooking but after slogging my ass off whole day in office, I need some amount of decent rest. But if I don’t cook then my wife would have to starve and that is not good for her health. When she was healthy she used to cook some very scrumptious recipes for me. We don’t have any child so she made cooking her passion. She had forgotten the pain of being childless in different recipes entailing flavors from Indian cuisines to continental tastes.

After serving food to my wife and finishing my dinner, I sat on my laptop and started trawling through the net. There, I found at ‘www.’   that the indi-happy hour(sponsored by IDBI FEDERAL) is asking for a bucket list.

Sure I do have them.

Here I outline the five things of my bucket list that I would have done given there is no tension about money:
1)      I would take my wife to the best medical facility available in the world to treat her paralysis. Doctors had told that if I take her to a very renowned hospital in India then she could recover in 1 year, but since I don’t have enough money that is why her progress is taking time.

2)      I would have hired a full-time covey of chefs to cook different types of delicious cuisines. And I and my wife would have been enjoying all different kinds of cuisines without worrying about toiling to cook.

3)      If I had enough of money then I would have booked a full cruise for my wife and should have spent whole year swinging on the waves of the Mediterranean Sea. And I would have booked all the great musicians of the world to play for us the whole year.

4)      If I had not to think about money then I would have made a full length Bollywood romantic movie with my wife playing the role of the Juliet and I myself playing the role of Romeo. I would have hired the Yash Raj Banner to direct and market the movie. I would have hired Mr. Amitabh Bachchan and Hemamalini to  play the role of the parents of Juliet.

5)      If I had enough of money then I would have liked to build a house in the hills. From where I could touch the clouds in its pristine form and rub a piece of cloud on the cheeks on my wife. She really loves touching the clouds filled with liquid.

Now I have to go to give medicine to my wife. Good Night!


Sunday, February 15, 2015

ASUS ZENFONE : A suitable siren for you!

This valentine, I was on a rebound. So, I decided to be away from all the hustle and bustle of the city and the places which could remind me of my ex. Roaming on my bike, I reached a desolate place situated at the end of the city. It was surely a beach with the setting sun but it was not as famous among the people to waste their time around. Its abandoned look synchronized with my pensive mood.

With the setting of the sun my heart also seemed sinking.  I had never thought even in my dreams that we would ever drift away. But what to do, such is life!

Lying on the bed of sand, I was as crestfallen as the departing sun that was being disowned by the sky. Disowning is not a very nice feeling. I could understand the feeling of the sun being devoured by the sinister sea.

As I was enjoying delving the sand of the beach by my heels lying on the beach-bed, I encountered some obstruction that botched me from delving further.  My intrigued mind prodded me further to examine the source of obstruction.

As I delved further, a packet of cardboard appeared smeared with the marbles of sand appeared.  It was a packet of ASUS Zenfone 6.

I tore open the seal of the packet.  There was a slender beauty ensconced in the packet. I felt enamoured with it.  I started playing with it and its wonderful features made me forget all the agony that I had in my heart.

I am outlining its five features that captivated me like an enchantress.

Feature number one:

Its sensuous red colour and its slender size had me its thralls. I could not help touching it from angle to angle. The forever young colour and design of Asus Zenfone 6 is a recipe of rum for your eyes. You can’t take your eyes off of this svelte siren.

Feature number two:

It has amazing 13 mega pixel loaded primary and 2 mega pixel strong secondary camera. And the lady seduces with its both eyes to a tee. It captures all hues of life and presents you with its utter beauty even if it is low light.

Feature number three:

Asus Zenfone 6 has expandable memory up to 64 GB. It means that it has a very large heart for you. You can repose your all faith and files in it without worrying too much. It will never fail you in observing what you have to tell her in shape of videos or pictures.

Feature number four:

Asus Zenfone is packed with 1.6 GHz Intel Atom Z2560 Dual Core Processor and 2 GB of RAM. So it is not a dumb companion, she is a smart soul. You can play any high-end game or watch any high -quality video without facing any fuss.

Feature number five:

Asus Zenfone has hassle free Wi - Fi and 3G connectivity that let you enter a world full of surprises. You only need to go near her.
So the more you interact with her the more enamoured you feel with her. I don’t think that there is any better enchantress than AsusZenfone 6 to be your valentine!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Being at the other side of the table!

Power and position consist of glamour quotient that has seduced the mankind since eons. And that power resides snugly ensconced in a chair. And the crux is about sitting on the right side of the chair.

The chasm provided by a table between the chairs is something remarkable. Within the distance of just few meters the definition of loser and winner in life is defined.

The glamour of power and position has spawned several megalomaniacs in human history, who had chairs.
Some were autocratic rulers, some were eccentric kings. But don’t ever think that the megalomaniacs have ceased to exist like the elves of your grand maa’s stories. They are very much around you and they have the chairs (that matter) and a table placed in front of them.

If you have ever had any encounter with a person who has a position that matters, then you must have got the feeling of worthlessness being at the other side of the table, if not then you must be lucky.
But generally for the poor souls like us, being at the other end of the table is recipe for being taken for granted.

The quality of such people occupying the- chairs- that -matter is that they have oodles of chutzpah to make you feel a worthless, spineless, and insignificant creature on the face of the earth. The rule of the game is that you always have to be in a bleating & requesting tone before them because only this tone can satisfy obedience expecting eyebrows of the across the table dweller.

You cannot afford to show the temerity to correct the wrong. Because the perennial unerring is in front of you and the continual incorrigible is in front of him (i.e. you).

You know that you are right, but can you say so? Certainly not!  Why? Because the system has enshrined some menacing powers in them through which they prove it again and again that it is you who is at fault, not them.

They can roar in the defense of their argument but you … at best can whimper, for you are on the other side of the table. Even if you are right, you have to pander to the not- so- right views of the person across the table.

The sides of the table decide who is king and who is clown. Between the distance and the ends of a table destiny derides and decides the losers and gainers of life!