Monday, May 30, 2011

The Waiting Game!

Waiting is integral part of our life.  We hardly find any aspect of life that is sans waiting. The human life in itself is the upshot of a patient waiting of 9 months. Waiting has different aspect -- sometimes lovely, sometimes lousy.
When a mother waits for her child to meet the world, the whole waiting process is adorned with expectations of how she will raise her, how she will call her, which school she will go, what kind of person she will marry and etc…
When the child is born, the waiting game starts again for her to take the first step, utter the first word, draw the first letter and etc…
Waiting has enigmatic charm. When a peasant waits for rain and when it waits for the time to reap harvest, the waiting period is rife with emotions of hope and a better future.
When we face calamity we wait for it to get over. And wait for good times to take over.
Waiting refuses to leave us. When we study, we take exams, we wait for results; when we get job offer, we wait for joining day; when we find love of life, we wait for him/her to come on time at a restaurant and etc…
Waiting is like a canvas of a painter, which we paint with our thoughts, aspirations, and expectations.
But, waiting is not always beautiful. A convict who waits to be executed, a terminally ill patient who waits to meet end of life can experience the worst attributes of waiting. Apprehension and dejection enwrap the psyche and soul.
Warts and all, waiting is inseparable facet of our way of life. We wait to be happy, we wait to cry, we wait to live, and we wait to die.

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  1. Absolutely True! "Waiting" indeed is inseparable from the Life.
    Nevertheless, it's the observer point of view which has been portrayed herein. We live our life like an Actor and not an Observer.
    An Actor goes on performing the activities and tasks Happily; enjoying each and every moment that comes by. He/She does not wait for anything; makes that happen with his/her sheer acumen and abilities.
    Keep Going!