Saturday, December 27, 2014

The truth that brought them together!

Rahul was very excited today. His sweetheart (at least he used to consider her as his sweetheart)  Kavya had consented to come for a dinner at a city restaurant. Rahul and Kavya worked at the same advertising company. They were very good friends. But Rahul wanted this friendship to take to a new level. And he had decided that today he will reveal his love for Kavya.

He had reached half an hour before the time to the restaurant to prepare for the situation where  he encounters Kayva and tells her the secret buried in his heart for last two years.

At seven o’ clock sharp, Kavya entered the restaurant.

“Where are others?” asked Kavya.

Actually Rahul had told her that he was throwing a small party for the salary hike that he had got inviting just 3-4 close friends. And that is why Kavya asked about others.

“They must be coming… we are Indians after all… punctuality is not in our genes.” Rahul tried to answer her question with layers of lie mingled with confidence.

“You say what you will have for starters?” asked Rohan.

“I like only tomato soup as starters,” answered Kavya.

“I also like the tomato soup.”

After ten minutes the waiter served them the soup.

“The interior of this restaurant is quite soothing, don’t you think Kavya?” said Rahul sipping on the piping hot soup.

“Umm… yes, it is quite relaxing… but why others have not come yet?” asked Kavya looking at her watch.

“Actually Kavya, I had told you lie…no other persons are invited.”

“What? But why… may I know the reason behind the lie.”

“Yes there is a very personal reason behind it.”


“First you order the main course and then I will tell you.”

“No… first you tell me the reason or I will go.”

“No … no... you stay here I will tell you.”

“Actually, I want to confess something to you.”


“Actually I have been thinking  to tell you this for so long…I have a feeling for you…I… love you.”

“What? But we are friends Rahul.”

“Yes we are but I want to move to the next level. I would like to marry you… see I find you the perfect one for becoming my life partner.”

“Umm…give me some time to think over it.” Saying Kavya started rising up from the chair.

“ But have the meal at least.”

“No no… I am not that hungry.”

“Shit… what did I do? I should have waited till the main course,” Rahul cursed himself.

Next day he was eagerly waiting for Kavya in the office, but she didn’t come. He tried her phone number but that was also not reachable.

For next 7 days he was restless as there was no contact with Kavya. On the eighth day, he got a call from her. She told that she had thought over a lot on the issue of restaurant night and she wanted to talk over it. 

This time she invited Rahul to that restaurant where they had earlier met.

“You know Rahul life is more than the emotion of love… it has other emotions as well.”

“But I have only emotion of love for you and that too in abundance.”

“But we hardly know each other.”

“Whatever I know about is fine for me.”

“You know nothing about me.”

“What is it that I don’t know about you? I know that you are a wonderful human being and a beautiful personality and that is what I want to know.”

“No you must know other aspects of me as well and I know that after knowing that you think about me differently.”

“What differently? Are you lesbian?” Rahul asked bluntly.

“No no… it is not that… actually I am an unmarried mother of a 2 years old girl.”

“What! … I mean how?”

“I used to love a guy and used to think that he also loved me. But when I got pregnant the demon in him came out and he forcefully took me to doctor for abortion but I vehemently refused. He left me but I could never leave the life burgeoning inside me. So, today I am a mom and I was talking about this emotion. Now I am sure that you will start thinking about me differently. You can call me whore, slut or anything that you want but I wanted to let you know about this aspect of my life. Look this is what I am and I think that this revelation about me has left you befuddled to say anything. I can understand what you must be going through. Anyways I will take your leave now.”

Rahul felt thunderstruck. He didn’t move for a while from the seat.

Kavya was feeling really relieved after telling all about her to Rahul. Incidentally, she had also developed a soft corner for him but given her situation she thought that she didn’t deserve anyone now. Frazzled by the travel of the metro, she reached her home and was in for a big surprise. There was Rahul playing with her daughter and her mother.

“Now… today… before whole of your family, I want to ask you hand in marriage,” proposed Rahul with all drama.

“Look you will always remain my love Kavya your reality will not let me think differently about you as you have wanted,” whispered Rahul to Kavya.

Kavya only blushed in the reply of the proposition.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

When Santa Disappeared from Earth.

Santa Claus loaded his bags stuffed with the myriad gifts on the reindeer cart. Humming the hosanna of God, he slithered his sledge on the snowy road to meet the children of the world. He is rapt in the memories of the children whom he had visited last year. Sometimes a small smile dances on his lips and sometimes a laud laughter pierces his citadel of stark white beard as a result of reminiscence from the prattle of children.

Last year one little girl of four asked Santa: “ Why do you paint your beard only in white? Next time colour it in blue. It is my favourite  colour.”

Such puerile and pure questions kept doing rounds in the mind of Santa.

After travelling for hours, he stopped at a spring to drink some water; he cupped water in his hands and took to his mouth. “Yuck,” saying this he spat out the water. “I have never drunk such saline water from a spring, brine water is nature of sea not rivers and springs,” He talked to his Reindeers.  

With his throat still thirsty, he moved on. After travelling for an hour he reached a place that had a bevy of coconut trees. The sight of coconut trees gave a glint of happiness in his eyes. Now he felt relieved that his thirst could be quenched. He plucked one coconut and gulped the liquid within it… but again he had to throw up whole liquid as again the coconut water was salty. Now he got totally bamboozled as to what was happening to him. He thought that he must have  done some mistake and that was why God was punishing him. He sat there and prayed to god to forgive him for any of his mistakes that he doesn’t remember committing.

Satisfied with his prayer, he moved ahead.

Now he decided to eat and drink only with the kids, so he didn’t stop anywhere in between. He wanted to reach quickly to the place where children had last time promised him to be.

After travelling for sometime he reached that place. But to his utter surprise there was no one present there. He decided to wait. One hour passed, two hours passed, three hours passed ,but no one appeared.

He was looking frazzled and hassled. Seeing him perturbed, one vulture asked him: “You feel tired and hassled, what is the problem?”

“Since the time I have started the journey today, very strange things are happening to me,” Replied Santa.

“Strange things… such as?” asked the Vulture.

“ Today,I tried drinking water from a spring but its water was brine, I tried drinking from a coconut frond but it was also salty.  And here I am waiting for the kids for so long and they are not there. Actually, they know that I come to this place at this time to give them gifts… but it is really strange that they are not here till now,” Explained Santa.

“ The mother earth who is carrying the dead bodies of her children in her  lap cannot engender the sweet water Santa.”

“ What! Can you come again… dead bodies of children?” asked a befuddled Santa.”

“Look ,I feed on dead bodies but despite that I will only condemn this act of humans.”

“For God's sake can you be a bit clear with your explanation,” Urged Santa.

“Look the grown up humans have taken to the new hobby and that is killing of their own children, all your children have been killed because the grown- ups were fighting to prove their superiority. They sprayed the tender bodies of children with cruel bullets. No one will come up today Santa because they have been made bereft of their right to live by the force of bullets.” The Vulture clarified.

“The place where you are standing is their grave yard,” Informed the Vulture.

“What are you talking dear, I had thought that under the auspices of the elders my children will be safe, but these grown- ups themselves devoured my kids. Now what is the purpose of my life,” Saying so Santa started crying frantically and started digging the soil.

After digging the soil for some time he came across the dead body of the girl who had told her to paint his beard in blue, he rippled her body to bring her back to life. But instead of life, the ripple put forth the fountain of blood from her mouth that made his beard drenched in red.

“The place where my children are not respected is not the place for me either; I will only be there where my children are.” And saying so, he also buried himself with his reindeer cart.

And thus the synonym of happiness for children disappeared from the earth forever.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Power of Dabur Chyawanprash!!!

Nikhil, my twelve years old nephew, is a sportsman at heart. Today at the annual function day he has been given the award for best sportsperson of the year.

But there was a time when we could not have thought of him getting this award. Some two years ago he fell ill due to typhoid. And after that he used to remain listless. My brother and sister-in-law were really worried seeing the chirpy and sporty self of their son washed away.

After that typhoid episode, he started falling sick of cough and cold frequently. He had to miss his school for that as well. He was a very good player of football. But now due to his frail body he was not being able to relish the game. Every time he tried his hand at the football in the rain and he came home shivering, sneezing and down with fever. Earlier we thought that it is because of getting drenched in the rain and things will look up in other seasons.

But we observed that every season was playing havoc on his body. In the winter, he used to feel excessive cold and that is why he felt sick and in the summers he could not tolerate the sweltering heat and came home thoroughly fatigued. Whole family was really worried seeing his state of health.

We consulted best of doctors in the city. A range of medicines were advised by doctors to improve his immunity and allergy to the changing weathers. We had thought that after 10 days of medicines he would be O.K. but no... we were wrong, he needed a long term medication to improve his immunity. We waited for some six months and observed that various medicines have made him only medicine dependent and his energy level was also decreasing.

He was an apple of eye for his parents, both my brother and sister-in-law used to remain depressed and worried for his health. My sister-in-law is a very emotional and sensitive person. Furthermore, she had lost her brother to some illness in her childhood and that loss has created a kind of depressive inclination in her mind.

She started doing fasts for the good health of her child and this started to show a negative impact on her health too. Her blood pressure started showing fluctuations and for that we had to admit her in a hospital.
“Hey Rakesh!” a voice called me as I was going to enter the ward of my sister-in-law. When I turned back I saw my old friend cladding a doctor’s apron with stethoscope dangling around his neck.

“How are you buddy?” he asked enthusiastically as we were meeting after such a long time… but after seeing my despondent face he enquired “What is the matter?”

I explained to him everything. He went alongwith me to my sister-in-law’s bed and checked her up.

“Look there is nothing to worry, actually she has gone into a depression mode and that is why there is the fluctuation in the blood pressure, she will be perfectly fine after having medicines for a week… but the root cause of her problem is her son’s health so we need to tackle that as well… have you ever tried the Dabur Chyawanprash for your nephew?”

“No?” I was thinking that being a doctor he would list out some hard to pronounce name of a medicine but to my utter surprise he was talking about Dabur Chyawanprash.

“Look the ingredients  like Amla and Giloy  found in Dabur Chyawanprash are rich in anti -oxidants  that help strengthen the immune system by 3 fold naturally and without any side effects. You start giving the Dabur Chyawanprash and see its power.”

Coming out of his chamber,I phoned to my brother in his office and asked him to buy a jar of Dabur Chyawanprash while coming back from office.

We started giving my nephew the full heap of DaburChyawanprash the same day and in just ten days we could see the difference in his health.  On the 30th day of starting of the Dabur Chyawnprash, he came full drenched and to our surprise he didn’t sneeze for a single time and he didn’t have fever either. And gradually he had again become a healthy boy and a wonderful footballer.Later, my sister-in-law also regained her health.

I really thank the power of Dabur Chyawanprash for returning the happiness of my family.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Dabur Chyawanprash: A Big Thank You to You!!!!!!

“If this is the situation with Shrishti then I am sorry she cannot take part in the play,” announced the teacher of Shrishti .

Shrishti, my 10 years old daughter, who used to be one of the chirpiest and bubbly kid was in the clutch of acute cough. She had suffered a bout of uncontrollable cough  during rehearsal of her play. And that is why her teacher was reacting this way.

Whole day shrishti remained crestfallen. I took her to the zoo and then to a running circus in the city but her mood didn’t lift up. We came back frazzled and despondent.

She went to her room and cried inconsolably clutching the picture of her father. This really gave a shudder down my spine. Today, she was missing her dad miserably. It was first time in one year that she had missed him so much after his passing away.

I didn’t intervene her moments with her father.

Days were passing by she was going to school but remained listless.

She was no more in the ‘Play’ group but even then she used to rehears her part in home before the mirror. And again the restive, stubborn cough used to put impediments in her rehearsals.

I had tried consulting best of doctors and best of medicines for her. Doctors said that she had allergy to rainy season and due to weak immunity system she suffered from such recurrent coughs. They said that after having medicines for some time, she will become fine. But after having tablets and syrups prescribed by doctors, she used to feel frazzled and drowsy. And, I couldn't help her.

Her all daily activities along with her studies were getting seriously affected. I knew that she tried hard to concentrate on her studies but due to the difficulties posed by the cough she was being unable to do so.

One day I was browsing through a magazine and there I found an advertisement about  Dabar Chyawanprash. It talked about increasing the immunity of the body 3 times. Its ingredients like Amla and Giloy had the properties to strengthen the immune system by leaps and bounds. And it also informed that the ingredients will help energize the body instead of enervating it.

I was little skeptical about the claims, as I had used so many medicines for my child that my mind was in no mood to agree to the claims of the  Dabur advertisement. But mother in me was pushing me to try it. My analytical banker mind gave way to emotional mother mind.

I bought the jar of Dabur Chyawanprash returning from my office,and started giving it to Shrishti the same day.  Some ten days must have passed after starting the Dabur Chaywanprash that in the middle of the night I suddenly realized the wonders of Dabur Chyawanprash. My child was in her deep sleep and not for a single time did she cough. I kept watching the tranquil face of my child whole night.

Next day, teacher of Shrishti rang me up and expressed surprised on how Shrishti could deliver a long dialog in the rehearsal of a play without any hiccups and coughing of course. She informed that she had selected Shrishti as the leading rabbit of the play.

My happiness knew no bounds and I knew whom to thank… Dabur Chayawanprash!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Different Gods!

Hindu Gods have always been, at least from the point when they stopped to exist on this earth, a matter of intrigue and investigation for people on earth. Everyone looks at them with their own perception.

I am trying to sketch out some of those perceptions.

Highly Intellectual Perception:
People equipped with such perception will see… err they will investigate Hindu Gods through their super human brains. And this super human brain insists that it is also as supreme as the notion of god itself. They will not accept prior- created perceptions about God rather they would create their own perception. And this perception might entail complex psycho-sexual analysis of Gods as well. With their ornate language, they weave a world of gods that is only for intelligentsia to understand. They don’t fear God; their god is not sacrosanct. They twist and break the perception of God and then fashion a brand new perception of God. Their God is complex for commoners to understand but they claim that their God is for real.

Other Commoners’ Perception:
People who are uninitiated in the thought process of intellectual writers, they perceive their gods in simple terms of give and take. They would give their offerings of puja and in return would ask for good health and good wealth. Such people can be found across all strata of India. Upper, Middle, Lower: all classes of India try to see God as their savior in the time of distress. Gods of such people are plain and simple. Commoners fear their God contrary to the highly intellectual people. Gods of such people are sacrosanct. They don’t investigate Gods. They only follow what they have been taught by their ancestors. And they also claim that their god is for real.

Dangling between complexity and simplicity, reality and illusion, the perception of God has been alive for eons. More investigations and more perceptions will evolve in future as well but perhaps the simple form of God i.e. the form of savior will exist for ever and for sure!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Recharging life and hairs in a surreal way!

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“Now it is time for you to take the bath ma’am.”

“Ok… I will but I am bit skeptical.”

“Skeptical about what?”

“About my performance tonight… before lord Indra.”

“No ma’am… you don’t have to be skeptical about your skills, after all you are Rambha… the best dancer of the heavens,” said Latika, the retinue of Rambha.

“The best dancer of the heavens… huh…  the best dancer who is rotting on the earth for last five years… I wish I had not done the mistake of belittling Menaka in the court of lord Indra and I could have spared myself the curse of leading life of a normal human being on this earth,” lamented Rambha.

“Ok… everyone does make a mistake ma’am  and so did you… now you have regretted a lot and I am very sure that performance of tonight will slough you off of this worldly life.”

“But you know last time Lord Indra had disapproved of my performance and had ordered me to spend one more year on earth… what if he again orders one more year?”

“You think too negative ma’am… nothing bad will happen this time.”

“Last time lord Indra had rebuffed me for my dull and dead hair… he had told that my tresses didn’t dance with me… I don’t know what will happen now and …”

Ting Tong… Ting Tong…

“Now who the hell has come?”

“Let me check ma’am,” answered Latika.

She returned after few minutes.

“Who was there?”

“Your fan: Mr. Saxena.”

“Oh my gosh! … this fellow will never improve.”

“He really loves you ma’am but alas he doesn’t know that he can never get you.”

“He is a nice person but … anyways please advise me something about my dull and dead hair Latika.”

“Last time, I didn’t know about the secrete of lively hair but now I have surfed this worldly reservoir and wellspring of knowledge known as  Internet and here is the answer from that knowledge box for your dull hair: The Sunsilk  Radiant Shine Shampoo. It will recharge your hair and imbue it with √©lan. Now your strands will also dance like a female snake.”

“Oh! Is it? Then please wash my hairs with this amazing product of the earth… this time I want to go to heavens come what may,” said Rambha in a desperate tone.

Latika washed hairs of Rambha with the  Radiant ShineShampoo… and wallah, Rambha danced like never before engaging every muscle of her body and every strand rooted on her head completely and beautifully.
Lord Indra got really impressed with Rambha’s performance and especially with her hairs.

“What is the reason behind your lively tresses?”asked Indra.

In reply Rambha put forward the bottle of Sunsilk Radiant Shine.

“We will take Sunsilk Radiant Shine to heavens with… you… yes now you can come with me to heavens Rambha … I am really pleased with your performance and have become fan of your Sunsilk Radiant Shine Shampoo. I would like you to share the secret of your lively tresses with other apsaras.”

“Why not Lord!” said Rambha ecstatically.

Before leaving this earth forever, Rambha wiped off all reminiscence of her from mind of Mr. Saxena and lived happily ever after in her home in heavens with lord Indra , other apsaras, and her recharged hair and recharged life.

P.S: This creative write-up is an entry of a contest being held at  and sponsored by under the title: Recharge Your Hair,Recharge Your Life.