Monday, May 23, 2011

No, I don’t want to fly!

Image Courtesy : Google Images

Sailing with you on the translucent face of river and floating with the desire of the current to an unknown destination is my dream. The unfettered wind directing fragrance of your hair on my face is what I pine for. The scene of fishes adorning the riverbed with their rhythmic somersaults to celebrate our rendezvous is what I long for.

I want to be with you when pieces of cloud tear away and drench the soil. I want to enjoy the drizzle with you and be soaked up with blessings of nature in the form of raindrops.

I want to experience nights with you at the top of a mountain that is bathed in the moonlight. At the acme of the mountain, I want to fall in your heart and remain there forever.

I want to be with you amid the cherubic chortles of children and innocent giggle of kids. I want to be with you amid the petals of blooms and leaves of trees.

I want to walk with you the craggy roads and thorny paths. With you beside me I can tame any adversity and defeat any challenges.

I want to be with you on days, when I see my world in your eyes and that is why I say that I don’t want to fly, because I want to drown in your eyes that has unfathomable love and unremitting care!


  1. Lovely! The post looks simply beautiful.
    Well.. About the writing.. I loved the imagination and the crave in the prose. "top of a mountain that is bathed in the moonlight." What an imagination.
    Thumbs up! Good one.

  2. @Spicy Sweet: Thanx a lot or ur encouraging words. u urself r such a good writer and anything coming from u means a lot!!!