Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pain and Human

The words rhyme fortunately or unfortunately. God created humans and gifted them a pouch (holding pain) advising to use it with discretion. Since then, pain has helped define many a chapters in the history of the human society. On some chapters, we can feel proud of, but on some; we feel ashamed!
The pain is glorified when a pair of hands with chisel and hammer carves life out of an inanimate stone; when a pair of hands repairs an ailing body part; and when a pair of hands bundles joy into a microchip.
Pain becomes sublime when human endeavours float in space, swim in air and run on earth. Pain is integral part of every invention of human history. When a filament glowers, an engine roars, and a rocket soars, pain gets honoured.
For eons human beings have endured pain to lessen pain. However, history is also rife with illustrations where humans have afflicted pain to worsen pain. Hatred is one element that has contributed enormously to augment the pain factor in human life. With all weaknesses of mind and soul, humans have scripted venomous and virulent stories of all time. The ideologies, sometimes, got so flagrant that the most uncouth form of humanity got revealed.
No part of the world is untouched of the abject notions. In the name of race, cast and creed, the pain has been administered to human beings all around the world. Be it miasmic gases, naked daggers or earth-ripping bombs, they have helped establish the reign of pain.
Whenever, a body is blown to smithereens, is ripped like a cloth, or suffocated in a closed chamber, ignominious becomes the humanity. When one set of lips laughs at the other pair of wet eyes, pure form of pain perishes and the ugly gets procreated.
There are two types of pain. One etches beatific smile on lips while other draws horror to the eyes. There are already innumerable avatars of nature that give pain to us in shape of natural calamities, death, injuries, etc.., so why add the extra potion of pain in life. The humans should take pain to refine themselves once and for all, so that negative fa├žade of pain gets obliterated and pain is always referred to as in a context that is life- enriching not life-snatching!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

When She Smiles…

When she smiles gloom dies,
When she smiles bloom sighs.
When she smiles meaningful becomes life,
When she smiles happiness becomes rife.
When she smiles life gets confident,
When she smiles strife gets absent.
When she smiles, blissful becomes surround,
When she smiles, beautiful becomes around.
When she smiles, rainbow glowers,
When she smiles, glee-bow showers.
When she smiles, earth becomes more new,
When she smiles, sky becomes pure view.
When she smiles, dew gets sheen,
When she smiles, hope gets umpteen.
(Dedicated to a friend who inspires life.)