Thursday, June 28, 2018

कौन लिखता है हर बात?

कौन लिखता है हर बात?
कौन लिखता है दिन और रात?

कौन लिखता है आदि और अंत?
कौन लिखता है पतझड़ और बसंत ?

कौन लिखता है खास और आम?
 कौन लिखता है मालिक और गुलाम?

कौन लिखता है मुक़द्दर में दम?
कौन लिखता है सिकंदर को कम?

कौन लिखता है आँखों को नम ?
कौन लिखता है फिर से जनम ?

कौन लिखता है घिरी बिसात ?
कौन लिखता है मेरी औकात ?

कौन लिखता है हर बात?
कौन लिखता है दिन और रात?


Sunday, June 24, 2018

सबको एक भगवान चाहिए

सबको एक भगवान चाहिए,
जीने को अरमान चाहिए I

आस निरास  में फूलती साँसें,
चढ़ने को सीढियाँ कुछ आसान चाहिएI 

बेरीढ़ की लोटती ज़िंदगी,
हड्डियों में कुछ अभिमान चाहिए I

ताक़त बहुत है पंखों में,
उड़ाने को अंतहीन एक आसमान चाहिए I

जो राम का कर सके इंतेज़ार,
उस धीर अहिल्या सा पाषान चाहिए I

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

चलो एक सपना देखते हैं ...

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आकाश के आँचल में,

एक कल्पना रोपते हैं,

चलो एक सपना देखते हैं I

चाँद जो लिपटा है विज्ञान के जामा में,

उसमें फिर से अपना मामा देखते हैं,

चलो एक सपना देखते हैं I

बहुत हुई ये भगा दौड़ी,

अब बैठते है और बादलों में,

हाथी,तोता,घोड़ा और मैना देखते हैं,

चलो एक सपना देखते हैं I

बहुत हुआ ये कोक,पिज़्ज़ा,बर्गर,

अब फिर से दूध दही का भगोना देखते हैं,

चलो एक सपना देखते हैं I

बहुत हुआ ये हाई-लेवेल इंटेलेक्चुयल ड्रामा,

फिर से जंगल बुक के मोगली,

और मालगुडी के स्वामी का पन्ना खोलते हैं,

चलो एक सपना देखते हैं I


Monday, June 18, 2018

Is Humanity On Leave?

A piece of news flashes: daughter and wife raped before the eyes of a person, who is both a Father and a Husband, in Gaya.

Shiver chills run down the spine and mind goes numb on just hearing such grisly piece of news.

What kind of mentality is this that could see only flesh in the body and ignore the aura of a mother and a daughter seeped in their flesh. What goes through mind of such demons when they brutally trample the bodies, rip apart the souls and ignore the deafening sound of helpless cries?  Don’t they feel numb while violating modesty of a girl or a woman who could very well be in age of their own daughters, wives, and sisters?

What happiness or satisfaction  can one gain in raping wife and daughter before eyes of a husband and a father?  What kind of manliness it is to tie the father (and husband) to a tree and rape his daughter and wife before his eyes? 

This gruesome, loathsome act once again unravels a fact that leather of a human can turn into leather of a demon in a jiffy, if the predatory mind has decided to prowl. So why not turn the leather of a society that gets numb to such incidents into the leather of a society that is not ready to tolerate such incidents and lacerate such leathers that even touch the women with wrong intentions?

The concept of morality and emotion of security that should be ingrained in the behavior of social ways get tarnished whenever such incidents take place in a society that has drumbeat echoes of a civil one.

The confidence in society as a whole gets shattered whenever modesty of a woman is tattered.

But beyond this philosophical interpretation, I would like the law to roar with its utmost blare otherwise these kinds of things will keep happening and God will be bound to ask if humanity is on leave on earth?

Because humanity is not only in weeping along with victim of such heinous crimes but it is also about making the criminals cry for their sinful acts.


Thursday, June 14, 2018

Maths: To motivate or to maul?

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aths: a word that exudes both positive and negative vibes. The students, who get positive vibes from maths, feel confident at solving problems posed by the subject. But students, who get negative vibes from the subject, suffer from feelings of discomfort and shame on occasions. And the cogs of the education machine (read teachers) leave no stone unturned to make the discomfort of a weak -at- math   student worse by daily admiring the number-cruncher student in front of him/her.

The daily comparison with the brilliant- number –mind imbues a sense of guilt in the students who are not- so- great with numbers. The tender mind gets wrapped in the gloom and despondency. As the classes progress, cracking the math code becomes tougher. And when a stage arrives to choose a career path, the not-so-brilliant-in-math brain opts for arts. The jobs like banking and railways or other jobs for that matter that require math skills, are out of reach for the guys just because our education system couldn’t care less about their struggles of learning maths. The big institutions like IIMs and IITs that beacon good future is out of question for guys who fail to befriend numbers.  And in India vacancies are not in galore for being good at writing essays or poetries.  

Therefore, math is intertwined with most of the career options that Indian Democracy has to offer. In such situation why there is very little being done to understand and address the problem of dyscalculia (both mild and extreme cases) in India? Why students are being left on their own or on their destiny to handle the handicap with maths? Instead of making fun of a guy who is weak at maths, teachers should help him/her get out of the vortex of math- scare through simple examples and other easy learning methods. After all teachers are there to make students learn not to smirk at. 

With consistent help and confidence anyone can excel at any subject(though while saying this I agree that the inclination of the mind also matters but with consistent endeavor a certain degree of expertness can be achieved in a subject that gives you self-confidence to handle the subject). And one thing must be ingrained in the weak –at- math students’ minds that if they are weak at maths, then it is no crime. They needn’t feel ashamed for that. Being weak at maths is just a kind of obstacle. And obstacles can be conquered in life. In a way, life is all about meeting obstacles and handling them.

The role of parents in understanding the difficulties with their children is also of prime importance. They should refrain from making unreasonable comparisons with other children and focus on understanding the drawbacks in the learning process of their children.  Your child needs your confidence not your comparisons. You don’t have to tell your child that he /she is weak at maths, that he/she already knows, you just tell them what they can do to surmount the problems with math.

Teaching of maths should be in such a way that motivates weak-at-math students not that mauls their self-esteem.

Monday, June 11, 2018

उपर उठता आदमी...

उपर उठता आदमी,

नीचे गिरता आदमी I

अपने चुनता आदमी,

सपने बुनता आदमी I

रिश्ते गाँठता आदमी,

रिश्ते बाँटता आदमी I

तलवे चाटता आदमी,

हलवे बाँटता आदमी I

आँखें मूंदाता आदमी,

आँखें दिखाता आदमी I

आसमान तराशता आदमी,

ज़मीन तलाशता आदमी I

केचुली छोड़ता आदमी,

नकाब ओढ़ता आदमी I

दमड़ी नोचता आदमी,

चमड़ी भोगता आदमी I

लुटता लूटता आदमी, 

 टूटता बनता आदमी I 

पत्थर पूजता आदमी, 

 पत्थर से सर फोड़ता आदमी I