Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Suicide: A concept of life, not death!

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Suicide, contrary to the common belief, is more about the life and its peculiar ways than dying or death, for that matter. Generally, society is sarcastic in its opinion about people who commit suicide and look down upon those who chose to end life.
But then, is it the only way to look at it?
It is easy to term somebody coward, if he/she decides upon bidding the world goodbye prematurely or otherwise. But then, it is about treating a situation in utter ignorance as well. And being disrespectful only cements the fact that the world is ruthless and indifferent to the lives that are unfortunate.
By the way, to triumph the apprehension of losing a life is not an act of cowardice, even if it is not considered an act of gallantry. So, to disdainfully mock the act of suicide amounts to nothing other than an insensitive facet of social demeanor.  
Whenever one chooses to call it a day with life, one is beleaguered with despondency, low self-esteem, and loneliness— be it social or mental. And when everything around seems daunting and macabre, the obvious choice to ward off these things. And when all physical and mental efforts fail to produce any reasonable solution, uprooting the tree of life seems the most sensible thing.
So committing suicide is not insane! It is an act of an agile mind that has exhausted all options to fix things that seem spiraled out of control.
Sure, the writing is not an ode to suicide (or glorification of it), it is just an endeavor to make us all realize that because somebody chose to cease doesn’t mean that they did want death badly. No, they also wanted a normal life with normal circumstances. But this wasn’t so.
Instead of slinging aspersion on those who are no more, why not we mend our approach toward life and save some more precious lives from getting lost in the darkness of death.
Let’s make life more livable for one and all!!!!


  1. Someone very close to me did it!I know what you're talking about! I really think people who call it a cowardly act should realize their insensitivity towards it! Nicely put :)

  2. Hmm ending life is never an easy option.The best we can do is to be sensitive to those who try to take to such a hard decision