Thursday, June 14, 2018

Maths: To motivate or to maul?

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aths: a word that exudes both positive and negative vibes. The students, who get positive vibes from maths, feel confident at solving problems posed by the subject. But students, who get negative vibes from the subject, suffer from feelings of discomfort and shame on occasions. And the cogs of the education machine (read teachers) leave no stone unturned to make the discomfort of a weak -at- math   student worse by daily admiring the number-cruncher student in front of him/her.

The daily comparison with the brilliant- number –mind imbues a sense of guilt in the students who are not- so- great with numbers. The tender mind gets wrapped in the gloom and despondency. As the classes progress, cracking the math code becomes tougher. And when a stage arrives to choose a career path, the not-so-brilliant-in-math brain opts for arts. The jobs like banking and railways or other jobs for that matter that require math skills, are out of reach for the guys just because our education system couldn’t care less about their struggles of learning maths. The big institutions like IIMs and IITs that beacon good future is out of question for guys who fail to befriend numbers.  And in India vacancies are not in galore for being good at writing essays or poetries.  

Therefore, math is intertwined with most of the career options that Indian Democracy has to offer. In such situation why there is very little being done to understand and address the problem of dyscalculia (both mild and extreme cases) in India? Why students are being left on their own or on their destiny to handle the handicap with maths? Instead of making fun of a guy who is weak at maths, teachers should help him/her get out of the vortex of math- scare through simple examples and other easy learning methods. After all teachers are there to make students learn not to smirk at. 

With consistent help and confidence anyone can excel at any subject(though while saying this I agree that the inclination of the mind also matters but with consistent endeavor a certain degree of expertness can be achieved in a subject that gives you self-confidence to handle the subject). And one thing must be ingrained in the weak –at- math students’ minds that if they are weak at maths, then it is no crime. They needn’t feel ashamed for that. Being weak at maths is just a kind of obstacle. And obstacles can be conquered in life. In a way, life is all about meeting obstacles and handling them.

The role of parents in understanding the difficulties with their children is also of prime importance. They should refrain from making unreasonable comparisons with other children and focus on understanding the drawbacks in the learning process of their children.  Your child needs your confidence not your comparisons. You don’t have to tell your child that he /she is weak at maths, that he/she already knows, you just tell them what they can do to surmount the problems with math.

Teaching of maths should be in such a way that motivates weak-at-math students not that mauls their self-esteem.

Monday, June 11, 2018

उपर उठता आदमी...

उपर उठता आदमी,

नीचे गिरता आदमी I

अपने चुनता आदमी,

सपने बुनता आदमी I

रिश्ते गाँठता आदमी,

रिश्ते बाँटता आदमी I

तलवे चाटता आदमी,

हलवे बाँटता आदमी I

आँखें मूंदाता आदमी,

आँखें दिखाता आदमी I

आसमान तराशता आदमी,

ज़मीन तलाशता आदमी I

केचुली छोड़ता आदमी,

नकाब ओढ़ता आदमी I

दमड़ी नोचता आदमी,

चमड़ी भोगता आदमी I

लुटता लूटता आदमी, 

 टूटता बनता आदमी I 

पत्थर पूजता आदमी, 

 पत्थर से सर फोड़ता आदमी I  


Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Failed…so what? You Will Pass Also!

Today, like every year the results for CBSE 10th would be announced. The news channels will celebrate the toppers. The nation will swoon over the super brilliant brains. The sweets sharing images will be plastered across all TV sets. The news anchor will gleefully announce that some 83-84% students have cleared the exams.  Interviews of toppers would be broadcast on TV channels and printed in newspapers.

Amid this hoo- ha, the nation would forget those 16-17% of students who would fail to clear the exams. Now, the families of these 16-17% of students would feel seriously dejected, and not to mention the terrible trauma that a failed student goes through. 

Now what I am trying to outline is that when we celebrate the success of students, we should not forget the failure of students. If the education system chirps when its students succeeds,then it should cogitate also on why some don’t succeed.  For successful students there are many accolades to bask under,but I think that it is failure students who need these accolades the most. You must be wondering why?

The reason is that they must be knowing that they were weak at some subjects, they must have tried to overcome the weakness, they could have shun the exams but they took it. And when the results came they failed. It takes a lot of courage to tread a path where you already know that the outcome could be negative. So they deserve the accolade for putting up a fight, for being gritty.

Furthermore, however we wish the identical education pattern to be absorbed and observed equally by differently equipped brains, we will not succeed. And when a brain was not naturally equipped to handle Maths,Physics or Literature for that matter, it failed to produce the desired result. So, there should be no shame attached to failing in subjects for which the brain was not designed in the first place. When a student fights the battle of the exam with a brain not inclined to these subjects, he/she should be lauded for making an effort that was a herculean task for him or her

And when a school cherishes the glory of their successful students, it should also inspire the failed students to do better next time by providing extra classes and psychological cushion. Because, it is the psychology of your mind that tells you to suicide when you fail. We must do everything as a society to curb the suicidal tendency in failed students. 

When someone fails for the first time the world comes crashing down, it feels that things will never change and in these moments of diametrical dejection the thought to end life reverberates in mind. We should tell the inexperienced and tender minds that failing is just the part of fighting and the time doesn’t remain the same. Things change and improve in this world, so they should not lose hope and look forward to a better tomorrow. 

Moreover, I think that this year there should be interviews of students, on TV and in print media ,who failed last year but passed this year.

And at last, we should refrain from being a society that is full of uncle and aunties who are unmindful of the pain that a failure student goes through.


Saturday, May 26, 2018

देख लिया ...

देख लिया तेरा बाजार ,

देख लिया तेरा ब्योपार ,

देख लिया तेरा संसार ,

देख लिया तेरा आर पार I

देख लिया वो कंठी माला ,

देख लिया रामनामी दुशाला,

देख लिया वो गज मतवाला ,

देख लिया वो अमृत प्याला I

देख लिया वो सूरज चंदा ,

देख लिया वो जमुना गंगा I

देख लिया वो रोती आँखें ,

देख लिया वो सोती सांसें I

देख लिया वो अम्बर वाला ,

देख लिया वो नंबर वाला I

देख लिया वो थका नगीना ,

देख लिया वो बिका पसीना I

देख लिया वो अटकी सांसें ,

देख लिया वो ठिठकी आसें I

देख लिया वो समय का पहिया,

देख लिया वो जीवन नैया I