Friday, September 21, 2018

कुछ लोग जो साए थे...

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कुछ लोग जो साए थे,
वो अब पराए हो गये I

कुछ लोग जो हमारे थे,
वो अब किनारे हो गये I

कुछ लोग जो मासूम चेहरे थे,
वो शतरंज के शातिर मोहरे हो गये I

कुछ लोग जो धड़कन की कहानी थे,
वो अखियन का पानी हो गये I


कुछ लोग जो याद ज़ुबानी थे,
वो बीती बात पुरानी हो गये I

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Were your forefathers freedom-fighters?

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Nowadays in T.V debates, more often than not, a question springs up about whether someone’s forefathers (or organization with reference to parties for that matter) were part of freedom struggle or not. And here every effort is made to make the other participants of the debate feel guilty and one-self sublime on the basis of whether their forefathers took part in the freedom struggle or they didn’t.

Generally, the years before the 15th of August 1947 are pictured as the years where only thing that every Indian was doing was: Angrezon Bharat Chodo & Bharat Mata Ki Jai.  

From the eyes of today’s India we would like to proudly paint every Indian’s forefathers with the colour of freedom struggle. And now, everyone is also gregariously willing to have the traces of lathi -charged bruises on the body of their forefathers as the emblem of allegiance to the freedom struggle.

On the contrary to the view of the gloomy and despondent India, the pre-independent- era people were also busy bringing smile on the faces of Indians through singing and dancing. Dada Saheb Phalke, Ashok Kumar,Kanan Devi and Sohrab Modi are some names that tried to shape a different identity of India on the basis of which we take pride in our Indian films having a worldwide reputation for entertainment. I mean to say can we label these stars as sinners because they indulged in activities that gave bliss to senses necessary to lead a life free of depressive milieu?

During the era of so called diametrical darkness, Mr. Srinivasa Ramanujan was busy with his Maths, C.V.Raman  and Satyendranath Bose were busy with their Physics, J.C Bose was busy with his biology, P.C Mahalnobis was busy with his statistics. What I am trying to put forth is that only singing “Vande Matram is not the sole yardstick of patriotism to be gung-ho about. Being able to unravel the mysteries of maths and physics is by no means a less service to the nation than yelling chants of Bharat Mata ki Jai and having Lathi bruises.

If we go by the today’s gung-ho patriots who argue vehemently that every one of the pre-independence era needs to have an appellation of freedom fighter and especially that kind of freedom fighter who raised anti-imperialism slogan and went to jails then what kind of people we would have left with and got to calculate the poverty, income and expenditure indices of independent India after the strike of midnight on 15th August 1947? What kind of people we wanted to run our nuclear plants and steel plants?  Many of you would agree that pursuing a specific branch of study needs its own secluded space and uninterrupted attention and if someone is doing that then it is not less pious a job than crying slogans of freedom.

Because a nation doesn’t only need the mob; it needs the minds also.
Had it not been the case, the party (that claims to be the front runner of freedom struggle) would have made a simpleton rustic, who chanted slogans of Bharat Mata Ki Jai., its prime minister candidate for independent India instead of a well -educated person that it did make.

Incidentally, the country infatuated with freedom -struggler tag forgets the treatment that the independent India meted out to Mr. Batukeshwar Dutt  who was a (friend ) partner of Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev, and Rajguru in making India independent through their own  revolutionary struggle. Whereas many who were only titular freedom-strugglers got most of the butter from the milk they never churned.

Coming again to the point in discussion, to paint the pre-independent India as a place rife with only poverty, illiteracy, and darkness and to attribute only handful of people responsible for the renaissance of India post-independence are  kinds  of mistakes that people should shun making.

Had everyone been busy reciting only bhajans and chanting slogans, from where we would have got the expertise to understand the science that helps make a nuclear bomb and thus makes a nation capable of saving its sovereignty and making it independent in real terms?

So, India as a nation is not an independent piece of contribution from a certain group of people who had bruise- blanketed body, instead it is a patchwork of all those who wrote poetry, who wrote statistical thesis, who served patients, and who made bridges in pre-independent era. The India of today also owes a lot to film-related people, sports -related people, and business- related people who worked tirelessly in pre-independent India to give India a foundation on which we have today sculpted a formidable existence that is respected world-wide.

By no means, I am trying to belittle the people who got thrashed by imperial rule; they are entitled to all the respect of the country but at the same time do not forgot the contribution of those who didn’t get the physical bruises but were mentally bothered to contribute tremendously to help blossom the notion of India as a nation in palpable terms.

Friday, September 14, 2018

अच्छा नहीं लगता !

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तुम्हारे सब कुछ होने के आगे,
मेरा कुछ नहीं होने का एहसाह,
अच्छा नहीं लगता !

तुम्हारे आसमान में उड़ने के आगे,
मेरा ज़मीन पे रेंगने का एहसास,
अच्छा नही लगता !

तुम्हारे उन्मत हो के गरजने के आगे,
मेरा नतमस्तक हो के मीमीयाने का एहसास,
अच्छा नही लगता !

तुम्हारे सब कुछ वश में होने के आगे,
मेरे बेबस होने का एहसास,
अच्छा नही लगता !


Monday, September 10, 2018

तुमने हीं मुझे पहली बार माँ होने का एहसास दिलाया था...

चित्र सभार: :

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तुमने हीं मुझे पहली बार माँ होने का एहसास दिलाया था,
तुमने हीं मुझे पहली बार ममता का आकाश दिलाया था I

तुम हीं मेरे अस्तित्व का गौरव थे,
तुम हीं मेरे पांडव कौरव थे I

पर क्यूँ एक दिन तुमने कुछ सोच लिया?
और फाँसी के फंदे को भींच लिया I

तुम्हारे मर्द होने का अभिमान था कितना नादान,
के तुम मुझसे बोल भी ना सके की तुम थे कितने परेशान!

एक बार जो तुम बोल देते, अपना दिल खोल देते,
तो आज तुम्हारी छोटी बहन ,पापा और मैं एक दूसरे से छुप छुप कर अकेले में न रोते I

ग़र हार जाना हीं अंतिम बात होती...

ग़र हार जाना हीं अंतिम बात होती,
तो काँच में बिजली न खेलती I

ग़र हार जाना हीं अंतिम बिसात होती,
तो आस्मां में लोहे की चिड़ियाँ न उड़ती I

ग़र हार जाना हीं अंतिम औकात होती, 
तो अंतरिक्ष में इंसानी छाती न धड़कती I

ग़र हार जाना हीं अंतिम इबरत होती,
तो पानी में फौलाद की पनडुब्बी न सोती I

तो हार जाने पे, कुछ बेकार जाने पे,
फंदे पे झूलना, इमारतों से कूदना,
पटरियों पे कटना, जिस्म में ज़हर का घोलना,
पागलपन तो नही पर सपनों का सूनापन ज़रूर है,
लेकिन लड़ना और लड़ के हारना भी तो जीने का एक शऊर है I

तो चलो एक बार फाँसी,ज़हर,पटरी को किनारे करते हैं, 
और सपने, उम्मीद, और ज़िंदगी को इशारे करते हैं I 
#WorldSuicidePreventionDay दस सितम्बर 

Saturday, September 8, 2018

हर आँख जो रोती है...

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हर आँख जो रोती है,
कोई बात होती है I

हर साँस जो सोती है,
कोई बात होती है I

हर अस्मत जो बिकती है,
कोई बात होती है I

हर हिम्मत जो टूटती है,
कोई बात होती है I


Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Teacher’s Day: A day of introspection for teachers also!

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Generally, on teacher’s day, the sea of emotions with surfs of reverence ripple in hearts of students and they write eulogies and sing hosanna to show their gratitude towards the human mortal who is raised to the status of GOD . And this gratitude showing sometimes falls to a level where it seems diametrical boot licking.

The concept of GURU in India is so sacrosanct that speaking about any shortcoming of the GURUS might be as tantamount to blasphemy. But this doesn’t mean that teachers are sans flaws.

The favoritism on the part of teachers start at the very nascent stages, say from standard I or Standard II. Only one or two students are the apple of eyes of the class teacher, rest of the class is left on its own ability and destiny to learn the ropes of the behemoth burden that education system of India imparts to them. 

And by god’s limitless grace, if you fall under the tag of slow learner, the partisan teacher will leave no stone unturned to make you feel trivial before the student who is a number-cruncher or who is a gifted orator. It is not that you have any allergy to hard work, but it is such in life that hard work is one thing and your mind grasping educative errands is the other. And that is why you remain aloof from the praising periphery of the teacher’s wisdom. And since you are branded slow learner, the teacher couldn’t care less about your progress in the class. 

Gradually, time passes and you manage to survive with the serpentine labyrinth of the Indian education system. But whereas you only managed to survive, the apple eyed guys secured their places in medical or engineering institutes. So, your meek survival is again outshined by their blinding achievements and again they get all the praise from their teachers. Such teachers’ chest gets swelled with pride having bright and successful students. And you remain slithering on the ground of the education system to make sense of it and make sense of your life. 

By mistake or by God’s grace (for your hard work, and grey matter, matter zilch!), if you also manage to secure a place in a technical education school, the partisan species of teacher will hound you there also. Around the end of the academic year, the most sophisticated teacher will ask the class to raise hands in order to know who has got placement and who has not. And again, under the light of partisan thunderbolt your unplaced gloomy face withers. But the teacher is happy to know the 90% placement data of the class. What about remaining ten percent? Does it count! 

I agree that not all teachers are the same. Some do care about the last- benchers or the eternal flunk artists. But the teaching arena has majority of teachers who are parochial in their approach about their concept of teaching.

On this teacher’s day, I hope that such teachers will find time out from the razzmatazz of celebrations and introspect about how they have impacted lives in their active years as a teacher.


Tuesday, September 4, 2018


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भाग: एक

आसमान चीरती बेटियाँ,
निशान चूमती बेटियाँ,
बंदूक तानती बेटियाँ,
सलामी कबूलती बेटियाँ,
हर मैदान मारती बेटियाँ I
 भाग : दो 

आग ओढती बेटियाँ,
फंदे झूलती बेटियाँ,
जहर निगलती बेटियाँ,
नसें काटती बेटियाँ,
हर सम्मान हारती बेटियाँ I


Friday, August 31, 2018

लगा लगा थोड़ा ज़ोर लगा...

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लगा लगा थोड़ा ज़ोर लगा,
भाग भाग ज़रा और भाग I

कदमों से मिट्टी का बोसा ले,
कदमों से जग का भरोसा ले I

जीत ले सोना चाँदी को,
जीत समय की आँधी को I

जीत कर दुनिया को दिखा,
हार कर दुनिया को सीखा,
के ऐसे जीता जाता है,
के ऐसे हारा जाता है I


Wednesday, August 29, 2018

ज़िंदगी भर ज़िंदगी ढूँढते रह गये...

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ज़िंदगी भर ज़िंदगी ढूँढते रह गये,
कभी रास्ते मिले तो मंज़िल ढूँढते रह गये I

ज़िंदगी भर ज़िंदगी ढूँढते रह गये,
कभी कोशिश मिली तो हासिल ढूँढते रह गये I

ज़िंदगी भर ज़िंदगी ढूँढते रह गये,
कभी समंदर मिला तो साहिल ढूँढते रह गये I

ज़िंदगी भर ज़िंदगी ढूँढते रह गये,
साथ रोने हँसने को एक यार मुसलसल ढूँढते रह गये I

ज़िंदगी भर ज़िंदगी ढूँढते रह गये,
इस जहाँ में एक ज़िंदगी मुकम्मल ढूँढते रह गये I

Monday, August 27, 2018

Face-booking and Face value: A rant of a cynic !

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Though I am not trying to sound cynical but I would like to talk something about the “face-booking”. (And nonetheless, I am labeled cynical, I would not dither to write about, after all this is my space. I know I might offend some but that is a very tiny cost for freedom of expression.) 

I would like to write about the people who visit developed European or American countries or any rich and developed countries for that matter. When people post about their visits, it is a kind of information that announces:  see what I could achieve! You remained lagging behind whereas I am entitled to the most plush and luxurious locales of the world.

Agreed that being able to visit the exotic places of the world is a blaring recognition of your ability to mint money and I am not taking that away. But my question is that is everything hunky- dory in that part of the world as your pictures suggest?  I mean every time a beaming pair of lips in front of an imposing hotel or magnificent monument must be hiding the underbelly of the socio-political milieu of the country.

But the nature of face-booking is such that these aspects totally go to the background and only rosy pictures come to the foreground. 

The media paint the image of India as a nation unsafe for women though the situation is deplorable for Indian society but not uncontrollable, the Indian lawmakers have done utmost to ensure the stringent punishments for such offenders.  I had read an article on BBC some time ago about the appalling situation of rape in the U.K. Some time ago Spain was reeling under gruesome ghouls of unemployment, you must be aware about the situation of Turkey now. What I am trying to establish is that every country has its chunk of problems but the nature of face-booking is such that it conceals everything that is unromantic. 

My boss who is from an EU country talks about how you can be stabbed or mugged even few kilometers away from Paris. He talks about how dreams of making a livelihood in Paris perish every day. So, Eiffel Tower is not the only thing that is hot and happening in Paris. The shattered dreams and tears- brimming eyes are also reality of Paris.

Sometimes, the Indians who post the pictures of visiting foreign lands, willingly or unwillingly mock their network of friends who reside in the so called ‘trudging’ India. I must make them aware that the places where they visit are also homes for several diseases that people fight with .And even if such countries boast of rendering best of medical services, they have unsatisfied patients.

If you want to introduce a part of the world to your people, I guess blogging does that work far better than face –booking or else add a paragraph or two about the socio-political scenario of the country with your scintillating dentures, this way you can introduce that part of the world more sincerely . But then, whole essence of face-booking will get dilapidated for them.

Though I truly understand that it is human nature to seek praise and praise is also healthy to keep a positive frame of mind, my grouse is only with that aspect of face-booking where people seem to mock the existence of others. And such people do exist and this tells candidly about their face value.

Saturday, August 25, 2018

एक दिन हम सब कहानी बन जाएँगे...

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एक दिन हम सब कहानी बन जाएँगे,
बीते हुए वक़्त की निशानी बन जाएँगे I

आज लड़ते हैं, झगड़ते है,
कभी मानते, कभी बिगड़ते हैं,
एक दिन हम बात पुरानी बन जाएँगे,
बादल से बिछड़ा हुआ पानी बन जाएँगे I

मैं खुद में खुश,तुम खुद में मुबतिला,
ना खुद से शिकायत, ना तुम से गिला,
एक दिन हम,
बीते हुए मौज़ की रवानी बन जाएँगे,
सोए हुए मौत की जवानी बन जाएँगेI

एक दिन हम सब कहानी बन जाएँगे,
बीते हुए वक़्त की निशानी बन जाएँगे I

Thursday, August 23, 2018

मैने हीं तरु को काटा था...

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मैने हीं तरु को काटा था,
मैने हीं सरि को पाटा था I

पर उसका कारण जीवन था,
उसका कारण क्षुधा का पोषण था I

मैं अज्ञानी भूल गया,
अपने लोभ में झूल गया,
के प्रकृति ही निर्माता है,
के प्रकृति ही विधाता है I

अब जब अंबर ने मुझको कोसा है,
बस तुझ पे हीं मेरा भरोसा है I

दे दिनकर को आज्ञा,
ले सोख वो बहता प्रलय,
दे वापस मेरा हँसता निलय I

मानता हूँ मेरी ग़लती है,
जो प्रकृति मुझसे रूठी है I

पर मैं भी तो हूँ अंश तेरा,
रोक ले ये विध्वंस तेरा I

इस बार ये बेड़ा पार कर,
इस बार तो उद्धार कर I

मैं भी करता हूँ ये प्राण,
दूँगा तरु नदिया को नया जीवन,
दूँगा द्रुम दरिया को नया आँगन I


ईश्वर कृपा कर रहा है...

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ईश्वर कृपा कर रहा है,
के श्वास चल रह है,
के रुधिर बह रहा है I

ईश्वर कृपा कर रहा है,
के धरा मचल रही है,
बादल पिघल रहा है I

ईश्वर कृपा कर रहा है,
के जब ऊषा सो रही है,
तब निशा गा रही है I

ईश्वर कृपा कर रहा है,
और सब विधिवत हो रहा है,
तो क्यूँ चक्षु से नीर बह रहा है ?
तो क्यूँ हृदय में पीर भर रहा है ?


Sunday, August 19, 2018

Aspire to be a doctor? Prepare tad better!

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The other day, I overheard a conversation between two top-notch officers of their respective companies about getting their offspring admitted into Medical Schools. One was of the view that dental would be a right choice for his ward whereas the other looked down upon dental stream of medical and vigorously advocated for M.B.B.S. So, here is also the class differentiation. M.B.B.S the elite class and Dental the pariah.

Anyways, my point of discussion is different. When people talk about their children getting into medical stream, their objective is the social honor that one is conferred upon when one gets the appellation of M.B.B.S and with the honor comes the glamour quotient with this profession. But, hardly, one ever thinks that why a doctor is needed in the first place while talking about sending their wards to medical schools?

A doctor is needed because there are patients. A patient is one who gets convulsions, who has bowel control problems, who has difficulty in passing stool or urine, who has white patches on his/her skin or who has body parts eaten up by lethal bacteria among many other mental and physical problems. In other words a doctor is needed to alleviate the pain that a patient suffers from.

And there is hardly any romanticism in dealing with such situations, but it is the romanticism of medical that first attracts parents and their wards towards medical stream.

When the society primarily talks of becoming its progeny doctors, the romance is about the Social Status, the Moolah, and the Stable Career. We seldom discuss about medical profession as an opportunity to understand and mitigate the pain suffered by patients in the first place.

We as humans have an ingrained ability that pushes us to be able to help, to serve. The philosophy of serving others gives us a moral kick/high. We tend to be looked upon as magnanimous in our attitude that gives a sense of satisfaction after being able to serve somebody. That is why first thing that our psyche lures us to is: to serve…not to suffer. Because serving is godly and suffering is lowly. And in the garb of serving lowly, we become godly. We humans are innocent hypocrites!

Furthermore, because being an M.B.B.S pushes you up in social echelons, there comes a sense of hubris after being a doctor. And this hubris leads sometimes to uncalled-for behavior by Doctors. They shout at patients and misbehave with them. And the reason under which they conceal such unreasonable behavior is: work load.

If workload is such that it is grinding you, then you should talk about this to your higher management or if workload is sapping up all your mental energy then you should talk about this to your fellow shrinks. But stress doesn’t give you license to behave rudely. I mean what would you say to a pilot if he/she says in the mid- air that only because he/she felt stressed and overworked, so he/she would take dangerous somersaults putting lives of his/her passengers (who also happen to be from upper strata of the society like doctors) in danger or to a waiter who would pour piping hot coffee onto your shirt instead of the cup because he/she was feeling stressed?

You would call them irresponsible and unprofessional, won’t you? And the same applies to the breed of doctors also who behave in wayward way in the name of stress. This ugly behavior stems from the rudiments of the thought (ingrained in society) which says that if you are a doctor then everything is right for you and around you.

No…the thing is that if you are a doctor then you will see the pain and suffering from close quarters and you will get affected by it too. And people around you will have pain and problems for which you will have to provide solution. So, your preparation should include conditioning about the situations that are not lenient and convenient in life.

I mean the romance of becoming a doctor doesn’t start with the perception of behaving in unruly manner; it starts with the notion to serve not to slice.

Therefore, as a society we must learn that becoming a Doctor is not only about the social stateliness and paraphernalia attached to it, but it is also (and mostly)about understanding human suffering and emotions tad better than uninitiated ones.

And when we talk about the polymath & dexterous doctors, we forget diametrically about the patients. I mean being a patient also deserves social accolades (not only sympathy, empathy and on some occasions affront that patients are meted out by society), because when patients suffer, it needs gallons of gallantry to surmount the challenges posed by their destiny. I am waiting for the day when gallantry award or higher order civilian awards would be conferred upon patients who fight valiantly with dreaded diseases and defy them and sometimes (many times) succumb to them intrepidly.

P.S: Though this article deals with the rude behavior of doctors, it is not in any way an allusion that all doctors are the same. The good and great souls are always there in every field.