Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The scoreboard of my life

                                                          Image Courtesy: Google

The scoreboard of my life is not a pleasant sight for me. Every time, I have a look at it, it remains unchanged. The stubborn zero refuses to leave my scoreboard.
I have often tried to tell the zero of my scoreboard that why buddy, why don’t you go and take a stroll? At least I will have some change. It replied: even if I go the change that you want might still be elusive to you and who knows some negatives occupy my seat while I am off for a stroll. 
Huh… I can’t beat it in arguments.
Every time I go to play a new match of my life, I try to cajole the zealot zero. But it says, it will decide on leaving or living only after watching my performance in the match. I am left with no choice to work hard and ensure that my performance doesn’t become a reason for zero to be livid to an extent where it gives way to negative integers.
But there is a fun in being with my zero as well. It always keeps me egging on to strive for more; it always pushes me for that extra effort. Sometimes, I feel that I love it more than I hate it.
After every game we both sit together and spend some time together. It tells about my mistakes and I argue with my defense. I would like to acknowledge that I cherish moments spent with it.
But still I would like it to leave me. I would like to miss it sometime in my life.
But till then I will keep trying to replace the zero with a positive number and would like to befriend that but it is a promise that I will not forget the zero which has been a source of learning for me.


  1. Never think of your life as a match in which you have to score, it only makes it shorter and less fun.