Saturday, May 7, 2011

I am writing on the sand…

Image Courtesy: Google Images
You came into the life like a gush of wind and razed the poignant pall of despondency in a jiffy. I was flabbergasted at the ability of the God to create a person like you. If God is some artist, then you are his chef- d’ oeuvre.
 His chisels must have felt lucky to have helped him carve out such a wonderful piece of art out of inanimate heap of flesh and blood. Now, I know why your eyes shine when you smile, because they have the sweat-drops of God that went into your eyes when he was shaping up your eyes.  Now, I know why there is a blinding lightening when you smile, because it has the aura of God’s face that got rubbed off on you, when he was fashioning your face.
God painted your lips with ruddiness of the morning sun, he painted your cheeks with hue of a pink rose and he drenched your soul in the colors of a transparent sea. Since, you have the elements of the sublime nature, sometimes you become divine.
Your heart has incarcerated care, compassion, and affection and everyone gets a chance to meet them when they come across you and in turn they get imprisoned to your charm.
The warmth of your demeanor is as cozy as a blanket in a perishing climate. The strength of your support is as unwavering as the desire of mountains to touch the sky. You are always there when I need you -- be that in person or in notion. You touched and retouched my life.
I have very painstakingly written moments spent with you on the face of the earth, and I wish them to remain etched there forever, till the end of the earth.
Oh! No. The surface of the earth seems brittle, Good Lord! It was sand and I am watching the precarious surfs eager to decimate my moments. I feel weak, I feel feeble, before the roaring ripples and grisly waves.
But rest assured, I will try my utmost to cushion these moments from gruesome events, come what may! I will keep on fighting and I will keep on writing. Let’s see what wins, nature’s persecution or my determination!


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  2. It is always, the determination wins at the end, though accompanied by small small intermediate failures. However,great is your vocab, perfectly placed n perfectly matching. But, can it be simplified!! I mean, can d beautiful words wearing gorgeous clothes be given a simple salwar, to appear simpler yet more appealing?