Monday, October 1, 2012

The Fog

I have been stopped by ‘the fog’ in my journey. It is white in color. It is spotless and immaculate. But it intimidates me. It scotches my way further.  I had always associated fear with the color black, but today the white color of fog has scared me to death. My sight and vision had got paralyzed by the misty monster.

I am restless to reach my destination but being unable to hash the serpentine labyrinth of the fog. As I try to pass through it, my strength is sapped by its mighty power to make my eyes see nothing. I feel feeble trudging through the fog.

The formidable fog has blanketed my Sun. The Sun-rays are distant and aloof. I badly need its warmth to recover the numbness in my body given by the frosty fog. The fatigue has embalmed me.

Waiting eagerly for the wind to blow away this fog, so that I reach my destination safely. Join me in the waiting.