Sunday, May 15, 2011

Lovely Ladies!

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She is on the bicycle and paddling her way to a factory. The tiffin box fastened to the carrier of the bicycle and thumb finger on the bell signify her struggle and command of her life. She is an ordinary worker of a factory but she is extraordinary in her determination to keep the hopes of a better tomorrow alive for her family.
She has fastened her child on her back and is carrying the cakes of bricks with utter balance to help build the dream house of well-off people. The threadbare slippers have failed her, despite that she defies the prickly grits scattered across the construction site. Her courage is inimitable and her dream is indomitable. She wants that her child, who is dangling on her back in the simmering heat today, get to enjoy the plushy comforts of tomorrow.
She has sickle in her hand and she douses the hunger of the loved ones with it. She works indefatigably in the field for whole day so that her family gets assured of enough morsels of meals in a day. With her sickle she weeds out the uncertainty for today and ensures certainty for tomorrow. 
She painstakingly rubs the dishes, in our homes, canteens, and hotels, to make them immaculately hygienic. She rinses utensils to rinse her aspirations and dreams squeaky clean, so that she can see through them a future that has indelible sheen.
She brooms and mops the floors everyday and tries to wipe out the monotony of her life. Though, she knows things will not have variety, the next day, yet she very diligently exerts her abilities to influence a change in the routine of her life. She swishes broom to slash the challenges of her life.
The illustrations of all these women have hardly been considered to respect women on women’s day, yet they are inseparable part of women power of a country. Though, they might not seem to be cut out for the cover pages of glossy women’s magazines, yet the essential niceties of being a woman of substance, with all its struggle, reflect from their taxed faces. Despite their premature wrinkles, dark circles and rough palms, these ladies are graceful and lovely!

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