Friday, August 23, 2013

Obituary to Human Soul

There used to be an element called human soul under this firmament. It used to care about pain and emotions of human body and mind. Some ‘eons’ ago it died a brutal death. Now resides an uncouth and gruesome demon disguised as human soul in the human body. You must be wondering that this is a mad person’s blabber. But my argument is that had human soul not died, we would not have been witnessing incidents that outrage the modesty of womb that nurtures life… and that too, on daily basis.

Be it Delhi, Mumbai or name any sleepy corner of India the heinous crimes of rape happen everywhere. Reams are written and volumes are spoken about whys of such incidents. Psychologists, sociologists, social activists and news anchors try to revive the cold human soul by their heated arguments…but alas their efforts go in vain. The beast planted in the human body at the place of pure soul guffaws at all endeavours of intellectual minds to terminate its deadly intentions. It roars and devours one more body, tears one more life even before the talk shows on television get over.

Someone again feels that earth is hell; someone again feels that she is only flesh. Amid the blabber of talk shows and clatter of printing machines, the pain of being bereft of joys of life begins to disappear only to be replaced by a new pain.

What are you doing? Trying to raise an alarm? You fool, don’t you know we are a soft state, we will deal softly with everyone even if they try to defile the womb that is very reason for our existence and therefore should be sacrosanct.

Oh! You are trying to invoke life to the dead soul… no problem, try friend my prayers are with you.