Monday, March 21, 2011

I desire you!

When you were not there, things were bleak and bland around me, life had everything but the chirpiness of your voice and sweetness of your presence. I don’t know when the God decided to relent and to gift you in my bag of destiny. But what I know is that now you are in my life, and my life has colors of rainbow and fragrance of flowers.
I consider myself lucky that in the crowd of myriad people, the universe chose me to be a part of your life. You are the music of naughty cascade, notes of carefree rivers, and sounds of serene sea in my life.
Perfect is nothing! But you are the synonym of perfection for me. With you, this word becomes sensible, adorable, and palpable for me.
Nights used to have stars but for me the sheen in them came only after experiencing your smile. The Moon had its beauty but for me it became beautiful only after seeing your face. The Sun had its blinding radiance but for me it got its meaning only after seeing the soothing glint in your eyes. Nightingales used to be melodious but for me their voice became mellifluous only after hearing you.
A day is only of twenty-four hours, and now I curse those who kept it so short. Can’t there be a day that is sans the calculations of seconds and minutes? I wish to be with you in a time that is timeless. I wish an evening with you when Sun is ruddy but never sets and soft fingers of winds play with your hair and I enjoy this moment without a wink. Can’t there be a moment that is infinite? I want such a moment with you. In the infinity of that moment, I would like to make my affection for you deep and quiet.
My craving for you is as pure as a child has for her mother, my doting for you is as sure as for a child by her father. But still I wonder, am I right in feeling this way? I don’t know. Perhaps in this not knowing is ensconced an enigma that keeps me with you even in those times when I am without you.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

When Colors Speak…

We as humans have always been eager to express ourselves. We have used everything from voice to dance to let the world know how and what we feel about a particular thing. Anger, fear, and danger: we have communicated our every expression with the use of several modes of expression. But we have kept aside one thing to speak for our exclusive feelings of love, compassion, and affection, and that is colors.
The way colors dissolve in the air and the water; we want our feelings to dissolve in the heart to fill it with cloying emotions. We want to remain reticent on some occasions and want only colors to blare for us. Colors represent our excitement, exuberance and energy for life.
Colors are poetry of our soul. Colors are rhythms that reverberate across the human psyche to blow a sense of renaissance. Colors refute the existence of something that is dull and drab. Instead of stagnation, they (colors) believe in the concept of incessant speed.
Since colors in themselves are life, God painted everything with color. From blue Sky to grey Earth and from white Moon to red Sun, everything bears the blessings of God in a color or the other. Colors convey to us that the different shades are different emotions of life and the way these different shades remain vibrant, one should also remain vigorous through ups and downs of life. At least this way one can negate the negativity that forces us to submit to challenges. So, colors suggest courage to conquer the commotions of life.
When colors utter, the sound becomes chant of a hymn, when colors sing, the notes become voice of a raga. When colors dance, the expressions become as celestially enthralling as movements of heavenly nymphs, so why not let the world be wrapped in the trance of these movements, forever!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

When Annihilation Comes Calling….

Helpless eyes, frantic silence, unbearable pain, unremitting tear-streams, deafening cries: these are some gruesome components of a fateful situation. Japan is going through this poignant state and intelligentsia spread across the internet platform are busy weighing how humans have been mean in order to exploit the nature and how the tsunami is the result of human’s own deeds or misdeeds.
This time is not about moaning how humans have been to the planet earth, but to show a sense of humanity and to reduce heart-rending experiences, of Japanese people, as far as possible. The history will not remember us for our candid and scathing remarks, but for our considerate and compassionate actions.
Whenever any calamity strikes it brings people together. Happiness separates, grief binds. Such is the way of life!
But there are some super-humans, who are leaving no stone unturned to create dismemberment in this togetherness.
No doubt the moments of catastrophe conceal lessons in it to be learnt. But we should not be analyzer of downsides at this very juncture. The picking up of pros and cons at the time of devastation is macabre. It only shows how brutal and cruel we as human beings can be in order to prove ourselves intelligent.
Panic stricken people, debris strewn streets, ruined homes are enough for any normal human being to move to tears and pray for fast recovery of people of Japan from this cataclysmic situation. But there are some sections of people who think that rubbing salt to an injury will make them sound wiser than other ordinary human beings.
But I guess that this time is all about being human not supra- human. We need hearts that are made of wax not of stone, we need souls that are congenial not callous!
We should pray in unison for a better tomorrow and a brighter Sun for Japan.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Life is a Tryst!

Life is a tortuous odyssey instead of a straight journey. It has more mysteries than the essence of the word mystery itself. We get nonplused at the enormity of happiness and grief that we encounter during the experience called, life.

We meet people, we experience them, they come to know us, and they become part of our lives. They are not connected to us through blood, but despite that, they sob when we suffer and they support when we fall. They dream for us when we are sleeping, they root for us when we are languishing.

Can we fashion names for such people? We can call them friends, pals, well-wishers… but will these words be able to do justice to or capture the volumes of emotions that this relationship contains? I guess no.
This beyond- christening relationship is the apogee of the emotional pursuit in a human’s life.  Perhaps, it is only within this relationship that humans travel miles and feel that how short the journey was? It is also perhaps only in this journey that travails seem less troublesome and tears come to eyes unbidden. Why? I wonder!
Who are these people we feel weak for? Who are these people we feel sick for?
Can we define?
Perhaps in this inexplicability, the grandeur of this relationship lies. It has its charm in being nameless. Names confine. And this relationship flourishes when it is nameless and beyond confinements.
Though, there is no apparent strings of names that binds this rapport, yet something is there that attracts us, something is there that calls us.
Times come amid the journey called life, when we have got to change directions. However close we want to remain, nature forces us apart. Is there any message in this event? Is it any type of acid test that tries the tenacity of this rapport? Instead of considering this an intervention of demon, can we take it as deity’s interference who wants good for all the parties involved in it?
Again I am clueless.
But one thing I am sure of is that these people will remain indelibly imprinted on the surface of soul until the end of this lag of life and who knows we might meet again in the next lag!
But, I would like to remain in this lag, for the time being. Do we consider that once parted will ever remain parted?
As I stated earlier life is a tortuous odyssey and on a bend of it we will meet suddenly and be surprised to a tee. The heart will experience moments of bliss on that day. Can we experience the rapture without being ruptured? If no, then brace up for poignant moments of today in certain expectations of fortuitous tryst of tomorrow.
Yes, we will meet again!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

For You…

When it is ‘for you’ it has to be special; when it is ‘for you’ it has to be extraordinary; and when it is ‘for you’ it has to be inimitable. Hasn’t it? Such is human tendency. We always want the best for ‘Yous’ in our lives.
Why is it so?
Because when we want to give, we want to offer the best. The emotion of ‘giving’ is in its purest form when it etches lines of smile on the face. In this already selfish world, smile as an offering is precious. So, always try to ensure that your ‘you’ is never bereft of a giggle. It will cement the relationship in a beamy way.
And when smile is there, happiness will get scattered in life. Every ounce of life will get soaked with energetic aura of hope. Things will start falling in place and prosperity will rain to drench you to a tee.
Fashion dreams for your ‘you’ that is sans adversity and life-full of strength. Carve chapters that give confidence of a life that has characteristics of a river-flow and tranquility of a sea. Fill your  you’s eyes with sparkle of gems and radiance of galaxy.
When it comes to ‘for you’, you won’t like to give her/him anything that is less than the soar of an eagle’s wings and purchase of a banyan tree. So, that even if your ‘you’ flies away in the skies, he/ she has a strong rapport with the aroma of your breath. And this way your ‘you’ will always come back to you.
Embellish your  you’s life with dulcet sounds of a flute and mellifluous chanting of morning prayers. Gift your ‘you’ the serenity of pristine dew and eternity of flowers with every hue!