Sunday, March 31, 2013

The drought and the destiny!

Maharashtra houses Mumbai: the citadel of moolah. Famous film stars, sportstars, and business moguls all make an envious gang that any other city of India would love to cradle. Opulence is slave of this city. Some politicians of the state might give IIM alumni better ideas about running a business than Kotler .

Despite all positives ensconced in the state, its people are today bound to collect water from toilet of trains. People in general will feel squeamish about the use of water from toilet flush other than ablution of bottom. But hapless people from drought hit areas of Maharashtra are collecting water from toilets of trains crossing their place to quench their thirst and douse the hunger of their belly.

India is in the race of becoming a superpower. It has super brains that make the economy soar, it has intellectuals that can debate with their la- di -da english accent  at any international platform to prove how immaculately developed a nation we have become after the years of  independence.  Many a time they speak on the minute financial or strategic issue with such finesse that you can have an illusion of listening to an omniscient who has solutions to the world’s every problem. But how come their probing and piercing eyes overlooked the tragedy of drought hit region of our country?

India has enough rivers to quench the thirst of its children but despite the fact, today a part of the country is wailing silently due to dearth of water.

In the state that has glamour of film-stars, glimmer of sport-stars and gumption of political-stars, is it so difficult to bring relief to dry lands and perched throats?