Monday, September 13, 2010

Being Defeated!

The world is a throng. Chances are always high that you get lost in this labyrinth of human sea to never find yourself again. To keep yourself from drowning in the abysmal moat of oblivion, you need to trudge along the path that is rife with thorns. Nobody cares whether your feet are caked with blood or your lungs are deplete of breath, the world is only interested in whether you are a winner!

If you happen to be a mutilated soul by the incessant invasions of worldly challenges, you will hardly find any balmy palm that will hold the puddle of tears from your eyes. The world will celebrate the wounds of the winner and leave the gash of the looser to only ooze.

In such a world, being anybody less that a winner seems a crime! To achieve is everything; to strive is nothing. The world seldom agrees that you need volumes of fortitude to blanket yourself with an aphotic reality of defeat amid the blinding aura of victory.

But then who said that the world is always right?

World is besotted with victories but it forgets that it is the defeats that have changes the very destiny of the world. Because someday, somebody had shown the courage to get defeated, that is why today we have the luxury of wings in the air; because someday, somebody had dared to lose, that is why we have stars twinkling on the earth even in the wee hours of the night; and because someday, somebody discouraged the word defeat, that is why today we have our voice waves travelling across the oceans and continents.

So, as a state, defeat in itself is not ignominious. It is fault of the eyes of the world that fails to see the sprouts of success smeared in the ash of defeat.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Journey Called Life!

The journey of life is the most fascinating of all other odysseys that a human being experiences on the face of the earth. The body and mind traverse miles of space without making any evident noise. The tacit chugging of the combined entity (i.e. body and mind) measures length of time, width of emotions, and breadth of thoughts. There is hardly any human invention that can equally give the joy of a journey as the body and mind proffers. No bikes, cars or airplanes can provide the ecstasy of a journey parallel to the one provided by the body and mind combination. As a source of vehicle they take us through different stations of life.

What are these different stations of life? Ages.

Through the mirror of age human beings manifest their dreams, wishes and aspirations. When one is an infant, one wishes to explore the riddle called world, when adult one dreams of conquering the world, and when old one aspires to submit to the sublimity of the world. When one is child expressions are doodled .When one gets to adulthood thoughts are sketched. When one is ripe, the emotions are painted.

From being incomplete the accomplished and from being half to being full to the brim is the essence of the stages of life.

Appreciation for the complex web of life comes only after being entangled with it. Emotions of joy and sorrow, ecstasy and woes are prime extremes between which life dangles. Learning is the booty that one garners with every passing phase of life. With the acquired learning, the life gets a direction.

The directions reach people to their desired destinations. And a journey gets completed with touching down on the destination. At the destination the lamp of the body starts flickering but the soul gets filled with blinding ocean of sheen. And at this point, life is said to be completely complete!