Saturday, July 21, 2012


Nowadays everyone is eager to proffer remedy to you. They know there is something wrong with you and they waste no time in hoping with a remedy. From sparkling stones to health herbs, everything is purported to provide a miraculous remedy to every pesky problem.

How strange it is that despite having so many outlets of remedy, the problems, like tough stains, refuge to get washed away from our lives. Every generation has had these remedies in different forms despite that life has always remained complex and tough.

Are remedies eyewash? Can a society take risk to believe in such remedies?

But then are we that strong to avoid the lure of getting rid of our problems?  I think no! We as humans are simply not that strong to resist the urge to be duped.

The net is scattered, the mirage of happiness peeps out off the net and our helpless desire for a better tomorrow forces us to lunge in the net. Human will to struggle submits before the shrewd tricks provided by cosmetic remedies. Adverse situations triumph over the frailty of soul. The guffaw of the remedy drama silences the feeble voice of reasoning.

When life runs but we crawl, when life roars but we bleat…the specter of remedy holds us by its clutch and instead of caressing us, it crushes us. We break by and by and one day we evaporate with our problems and situations without knowing whether our decisions for the remedies were right or not.