Tuesday, February 26, 2019

मारा... मारा... मारा... है

Pic Courtesy: https://www.rediff.com/news/report/12-iaf-jets-drop-1000kg-bombs-on-terror-camps-in-pak-sources/20190226.htm

मारा... मारा... मारा... है,
आज कायर को अनंत व्योम से धिक्कारा है I

मारा... मारा... मारा... है,
आज शांत उपवन से फूटा अंगारा है I

मारा... मारा... मारा... है,
आज हमने भारत की छाती को विस्तारा है I

मारा... मारा... मारा... है,
नभ से बरसा क्रोध,
देता आनेवाले कल का महज़ इशारा है I

मारा... मारा... मारा... है,
आज नभ से आर्यावर्त के रणबांकुरों ने हुंकारा है I

Saturday, February 23, 2019

आख़िर क्यूँ आँखों से खून बहता है ?

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चित्र साभार  :https://hindi.timesnownews.com/india/article/jammu-kashmir-pulwama-attack-encounter-terrorist-major-vibhuti-shankar-dhoundiyal-martyr-first-wedding-anniversary-wife-dehradun/368428

आख़िर क्यूँ आँखों से खून बहता है ?
आख़िर क्यूँ नसों में तेज़ाब घुलता है ?

आख़िर क्यूँ अब साँसों से उसकी वो गर्मी जाती है ?
आख़िर क्यूँ अब एहसासों से उसकी वो नर्मी जाती है ?

आख़िर क्यूँ उसका ज़िंदा चेहरा अब पत्थर बनता है ?
आख़िर क्यूँ उसकी याद का गहवारा अब नश्तर बनता है ?

आख़िर क्यूँ मेरा सूरज हर बार भरी जवानी डूबता है ?
आखिर क्यों मेरा तारा हर बार भरी दिवाली टूटता है ?
गहवारा : पालना

Monday, February 18, 2019

Review of a book written by a blogger friend!

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Pic Courtesy: Author's Facebook Page

The evolution towards Homo Sapiens began more than 30 million years ago, 200 kms below the surface of earth, at a temperature of 15000c.” with these very words the writer ( Mr. Subhrashis Adhikari) of the book ‘5 Questions of The Inquisitive Apes’ invites you to get enthralled and enlightened by an odyssey of your existence.

How our ancestors tamed fire and used it to cook food and scare apparent threats, how we became cow’s milk tolerant race and how we developed language to fashion ideas and weave religion are some of the discussions of the book that unravels the layers of our being.

The book discusses in simple language about the intertwined relation of physics, chemistry, and biology to make us relish the bounty of life. Prior to reading this book, I never knew that electrons are seriously responsible for us being able to sit on a commode and for us being able to enjoy a kiss with someone we love. The mentioning in the book that the ‘Pheromones’ secreted from underarms is integral to your getting attracted to the opposite sex is something the body- odor- spray marketers would hate to know.

The discussions about the image of women as prim and proper as a recent creation, for women were comrades to their men in hunting in the era prior to agriculture period  and the science of sex elaborated with utter gravitas entailing again the physics, chemistry, and biology make you a fan of the writing prowess of  Mr. Shubrashis Adhikari.

Traversing through the roads of Genes, RNA, and DNA, the writer delves into our psyche and deciphers the codes of pain, stress, and happiness. Using examples from different forms of Yoga to Maslow’s Pyramid, the writer tries to make us understand the patterns of our interior and exterior self.

The book comes from a fellow blogger friend, Mr. Subhrashis Adhikari ,whom I happen to know through his blogs for last 8 odd years. His exceptional brilliance to dissect a subject at hand and his inimitable ways to look at the different dimensions of the world in his blogs always gave me a feeling of a book(s) lurking somewhere in his mind. By profession he is a geologist and by passion; a thinker to a tee. In his success as a writer,I see the success of perseverance and perspiration.  

Moreover,if you happen to be one of those, who loves burying yourself into books that introduce you to yourself again, then this book is for you. Go grab a copy of the book and learn about how you are related to a woman who existed on earth some 1, 40,000 years ago and many more secrets of your existence pulsating within you.

You can find the book here .


Sunday, February 17, 2019

वो तोड़ दे...

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वो तोड़ दे,
तो टूट हीं जाता है आदमी I

वो छोड़ दे,
तो छूट हीं जाता है आदमी I

और जो सब कुछ बस वही है,
तो कितना भी उलीचो, 
कश्ती से पानी...
डूब हीं जाता है आदमी


Thursday, February 14, 2019

वो आँख बाँध देता है...

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वो आँख बाँध देता है,
और देखने को कहता है I

वो जीभ बाँध देता है,
और बोलने को कहता है I

वो कान बाँध देता है,
और सुनने को कहता है I

वो हाथ बाँध देता है,
और तैरने को कहता है I

वो पाँव बाँध देता है,
और नाचने को कहता है I


वो आस बाँध देता है,
और जीने को कहता है I

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

My submission to pentopublish2018 contest!

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Dear fellow bloggers,

I have submitted one ebook for pentopublish2018 contest of amazon.in. 

I would like my blogging fraternity to have a look at the entry… so that I can have some reactions about the work submitted. Though it is not mandatory, yet a voluntary look at the ebook would not hurt either.

Actually, my submission is a short story having 16000 odd words and deals with the story of a snake charmer, his wife, his son and his son’s wife through the maze of psychological illnesses like schizophrenia and OCD.

Incidentally, the book cover is designed by a fellow blogger Binita Bora. She is a brilliantly creative soul. I thank her for coming to my rescue for the ebook cover design.

The name of the ebook is : The Serpent Within

Oh...yes please consider this letter as a marketing spiel for my ebook.


Neeraj Kumar

Monday, February 4, 2019

ऐसा नहीं है के...

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ऐसा नहीं है के...
मैं बात नहीं करना चाहता,

 हालात रोक देते हैं I

ऐसा नहीं है के...
मैं मिलना नहीं चाहता,
ये उलझे दिन रात रोक देते हैं I

ऐसा नहीं है के...

 मैं रोना नहीं चाहता,

 उनकी आँखों के सैलाब रोक देते है I

ऐसा नहीं है के... 
मैं सोना नहीं चाहता,
पर... जो पीछे छूट जाएँगे,
उनके आज़ाब रोक देते हैं I