Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Friends: fuel of life

Friends are like the wind that blows through a piece of wood, which is full of holes, and creates a soulful music out of it. I wonder how bland and bleak the life would have been, had there  been no music of friends in it.
Those people are richer who have friends in their hearts than those who have diamonds in their lockers. Because when you need to bargain for confidence, trust, and support in life only friends will come in handy not lifeless stones.
When you want to submit to challenges, friends encourage you to sabotage these challenges beyond recognition. When you fear the future they hold a mirror before you like a magician and conjure up a dreamy destination for tomorrow. When you feel that your body is sapped of all strength to fight, they resuscitate a lease of hope in your psyche.
As night is barren without stars and day is dreary without sun, life is lackluster without friends. True friends are as pure as prayers on the lips of monks and as innocent as smile on the face of kids.
True friends will never hurt you even if you have hurt them and they will never curse you even if you have cursed them. Then isn’t it unfortunate to have one-sided misgivings, on and off during the stretch of the friendship. Why not make this relationship of friendship an incessant fountain of affection?
Drench yourself in the drizzle of friendship that is as soft as feathers of a bird and as secure as lap of a mother!

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