Sunday, May 1, 2011

A leaf breaks away…

Image Courtesy: Google Images
It was quite a succulent and lush green leaf. It used to sway in the wind with its other peers. The sweet aroma of ripe fruits of the tree used to enchant it. It had danced with the music of thundering clouds and the blow of sweet winds. It was very happy with its friends. The days were mesmerizing. The leaf used to feel quite comfortable amid the presence of its friends. It was enjoying life to the full.
One day a blow of the wind got impish and blew hard and the leaf got broken away from its bough. Suddenly, it was being drifted by the gust of the wind. It was inconsolable, it was devastated.
 The pain it felt was unprecedented in its life. It saw helplessly other leaves yelling for it. The fruits were frantically swaying as well to make themselves detached from the tree to be with their beloved leaf.
Gradually, all known scenes got out of sight and the mighty wind was carrying the leaf to a strange destination. The wind slammed it down on a rocky surface. It was really painful; the rough surface of the rocky mountain was pricking the supple body of the leaf. It was experiencing utter loneliness and fear. The rocky feeling was appalling for it. It was feeling excruciating pain. It missed the soft touch of its peers and wet drops of rain.
Whole night, the poor leaf was feeling uneasiness and praying for the wind to come and take it back to its friends. The Sun knocked at the foot of the rocky mountain in the morning and leaf got hopeful that now the wind will come and take it to its desired place.
The impish blow of the wind did come and once again started to drift the leaf but not to its place.  This time, it banged it down on a sandy surface. The Sun was shining with its all force and the sand turned boiling hot. The leaf started writhing, the heat was entirely unbearable. All energy liquid of the leaf’s body got sucked up by the heat. The leaf shriveled. It was a languishing entity. The leaf felt urgent need for water toward the evening.
The wind came again picked it up and left it on the surface of a flowing river. The leaf felt relieved for sometime, it tried to slurp the water to energize itself. But, after sometime, the water itself started mutilating it. In matter of hours, the leaf started rotting. And, finally it got lacerated by the callous conditions. However it tried, it couldn’t withstand the brutal forces of the destiny and drowned in the river forever, without any chance left to return to the tree again.
Rest In Peace the Leaf!