Thursday, December 3, 2015

Gajar ka halwa and my cravings!

I had been becoming a bit plumpy so I had joined a jim. But it was not being able to shed my extra plump. Because I was a diehard fan of phuchka and rosogullas.  My colleagues used to tease me that I will turn into a girl if I eat more phuchkas. But  no taunting ever dettered me from plunging into the scrumptious and mouth - watering  phuchkas.

And my cravings for sweet rosogullas had sent me on the borderline of being a diabetic. And now I had to think twice about putting my fingers on the spongy entities.

One day I was going through newspaper and saw an ad of sugar-free natura. Since I had to cut down on my rosogulla intake, I decided to make something sweet with the sugar-free natura. I looked around my kitchen and could find nothing interesting to cook. Then I moved to  my refrigerator to quench my thirst and here I got answer for my search:  carrots. I decided to make gajar ka halwa with them to satiate my craving of something sweet.

And when I had the first spoon of  steaming gajar ka halwa , it felt devine. Here I am sharing the recipe with you of the Gajar ka Halwa.


Grated Carrots -250g, sugar-free natura, Ghee-1 teaspoon,Milk-500g


First put one teaspoon ghee in kadahi  and  let it become hot and then put the grated carrots in it. Roast it for few minutes and then put sugar-free natura  2 teaspoons (or according to your taste)stir it for two times so that the sugar-free natura gets mingled into the gajar . Now pour the milk and stir till milk is soaked up by the gajar . When milk is soaked up by gajar the take it out in a bowl and garnish it with cashew and almonds.

Here are the pics of my effort.