Friday, January 28, 2011


Amid the kerfuffle of temple and mosque, we seem to have forgotten the soul of lord Ram. We have stopped feeling him. Ram, in Indian culture stands not only as a symbol of religion but also as a symbol of hope. He is our belief that a turnaround will surely be; that clouds will surely rain; and that the Sun will surely rise.
Ram is succor in the times of utter hopelessness; Ram is rudder in the times of mere haplessness. Ram is beyond the circumference of temples. He is extensive, he touches emotions and he heals commotions.
He, as a notion, is inspiring. When chips are down he is the dint of mind and the courage of heart. His appeal is across the social strata. And this only shows the sinew of his charisma. He differentiates not. Be they weak or strong, be they right or wrong, Ram is recourse of every one.
He is grit of the winners; he is sob of the losers. He is innocence of the childhood, he is enthusiasm of the youth, and he is satisfaction of the old. He is amulet for fear; he is tissue paper for tear. He is hope of the next moment; he is prayer of the next dream.
When everything seems daunting and defeating, he is spunk to hold on the fight. He is there in decisions, he there in reasons. He is in throngs, he is in solitudes. Without him everything is hollow, without him everything is shallow.
He is water for thirsty, he is bread for hungry, and he is glint for blind. He is in every sort and every kind.
Ram is in the altitude of the mountain, Ram is in the latitude of the fountain. He is bosom of the earth and he is the lap of the firmament. He is transparency of the ocean and he is vibrancy of the motion. He is fragrance of flower, he is vehemence of power.
Even technologies couldn’t resist the charm of Ram, A laptop or desktop is futile in the absence of RAM. Thus Ram is integral to everything that is pivotal to everyone.
May Ram freshen everything that is rotten, may Ram enliven everything that is forgotten!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Beneath the New Year

We have crossed a milestone, one more year in the book of years passed. And we are happy, not because of the New Year, but because we could get rid of the previous year. A year, which was getting quite tough on us. Our dreams were not seeing the light of the day, our hopes were hopeless and our prayers were unheard. Now in the New Year we have new hopes; new dreams; and new goals.
This year we would like to solace ourselves that we would see less of tears, less of blood, and less of pain.
This year we would wipe the dirt off the mirror and like to see our world and our people better. A new leash of trust needs to be there for the crumbling friendships to get rejuvenated, and a new leash of confidence needs to be there to look deep down within ourselves to rinse us off our foibles.
Though the New Year is about new beginnings, but we must not forget the incomplete tasks that were also new, someday in the past. The sheen of newness of this year will fall pale if we fail to complete the incomplete works of last year. The castle of the New Year will be stronger only if the cornerstone is made up of the past experiences.
The New Year is about soaring aspirations and about sprinkling stars on them. It is also about stealing happiness from the hullabaloo of life and securing a serene moment. It makes sense that the New Year also cares about, among other mundane wishes, staying away from making the nature wither.
The pyrotechnics of the New Year is only worthwhile when it lights up the eyes that are brimming with gloom; when it illuminates the soul that is teeming with despondency; and when it rekindles an emotion called humanity that is grappling with utter anarchy.