Wednesday, May 11, 2011

To be left behind, alone!

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It was the last boat that I saw off. Gradually, with the undulating moves of sea waves, the vision of the last boat also went blurred and finally the boat vanished. People who were with me moments ago have moved on in the direction of their desired destinations. Moments ago there was hullabaloo of emotions, now there is silence of separation.
I am wondering what happened to my boat.
I am alone on the coast with the footprints of the people who left. These footprints have restlessness and eagerness of reaching to the destination. They will also evaporate in the coming days as those who left them behind, evaporated a while ago.
A bird is asking me: why are you still here? Why didn’t you go with your friends?
Innocent bird doesn’t know I can’t fly in a flock as they do. We humans have sections based on some criteria and characteristics. Neither I fulfilled the criteria nor did I have the characteristics to stand at par with them. And for these very reasons, I am left behind.
Now the Sun is setting and the ink of darkness is getting splattered across the sky. Wind has withered and trees have turned into stone. The whole ambience seems defunct.  
Tonight, the Moon is eclipsed by clouds of despondency and stars seem pricking the eyes. The extensive bosom of sky seems shriveled to accommodate my grief spawned from separation.
The fragrance of people who left is still fresh in the air. The memories of moments spent together come unbidden to mind and bring tears to eyes without effort. This seclusion is suffocating. I am missing moments and madness (of those people) that were meticulously stitched with every day and night for past couple of years.
But then there is also a sense of happiness that others have carved success with their hard graft and committed determination. There is a vicarious feeling of rapture that others have blinded the world with their brilliance. With their scaling of heights, I also feel climbing up.
By and by, the darkness of the night is being wiped out by the youthful rays of the morning Sun. Birds have started chirping and wind has become lively again. Is it any sign of a new hope?
Aha! I can see a spot against the rising Sun in the sea. Is it a boat?
I keep my fingers crossed!

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