Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother Dear Mother

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O! Mother I feel guilty that I was the reason for excruciating pain when I was in your tummy. And despite that horrible pain you never thought of getting rid of me. And today when you need me the most, I was planning to send you off to an old age home.
You were always there to support me when I was a toddler. Whenever I felt it tough to take one more step, you quickly grabbed me by your arms.  Today, when your bones have become brittle and your frame has become frail, I am so busy with my job that when you fell last night in the bathroom and got bruised; I was busy attending my meeting.
In the nights, when I used to be restless ,your lullabies calmed me.  When I was wondering about the existence of stars, you told me they were there to be plucked. You taught me how to see dreams and today you are miles away from my dream life.  
Your prayers had an essential inclusion of my wellbeing whenever you went before God, today I forget to include you when I go on a vacation. You always ensured that my favorite meal was on my plate, today I forget that you would be hungry as well ,when I devour exotic cuisines in plushy restaurants.   
You were my best friend whenever I wanted something to whisper to; today the clamor of my fast paced life stops me from hearing the words emanating from your quivering lips.
You were always proud of me, even if I was not that brilliant at studies and sports, and today I keep you tucked away in the corner of my house. You were the first one to reach to me whenever I felt like crying, today tears roll down from your eyes and I am engaged in celebrating New Year party.
You have developed wrinkles on your skin and I; on my mind. My thinking has got shriveled. I really feel ashamed of myself that I could only be the reason for your pain—right from my birth till now.
I am really sorry mother!


  1. It is really great, thought provoking.
    It gives each of us a chance to peep into ourselves, and indirectly to see our future, when we are left alone and helpless, for the incapability of our children to reach out us, though they are successful beyond our imagination, just same as our inert feeling for our parents.

  2. Thanx Priyambada for your continuous comments. I really appreciate your time taken out to write comments.

  3. Maan Gaye Ustad..Apko aur apke blogs ko....

  4. That was a touching article!
    What a mother is.. what a mother goes through.. If understood.. There can be no person on earth who would disregard her!
    Well written

  5. @ Spicy Sweet, Thanx a lot for incessantly encouraging by providing ur comments without fail.

  6. provoking yet subtle...loved the thought behind the post

  7. Thanx Alka Ji for visiting and commenting

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    1. Thanx Nagini for visiting and commenting with such lovely words.

  9. very emotional one Neeraj
    to whichever mother such a thing happens, it is the most saddest day of her life ...when the child neglects her or turns away from her
    you have captured the essence of motherhood in just a page. even though i am a mother & was a daughter, i couldnt have said these feelings so well

    but only thing is some of the lines make us feel very sad yeh sochke ki what if it happens to me?

  10. I am really sorry Sujatha for responding so late to the

    I am really grateful that you obliged my request to read the post and encouraged me as ever.

    Thanx a lot for your visit and your invaluable comment.