Saturday, May 14, 2011

You went but your presence remains!

Image Courtesy: Google Images

I knew one day you will go, but I didn’t know that your moving away will invite such a vacuum in life. Your ethereal enigma of being humane and humble still haunts me.
Sometimes it felt that your existence is surreal but when your smile hacked gloomy clouds to pieces, it dawned upon me that you are for real. The pearls of happiness was entangled in your lock, once I was passing by you and a pleasant breeze shook your silky strings of hair and the pearls started dancing. I was overwhelmed by the utter ecstasy that I encountered.
In the morning when I was taking a stroll, I saw something very familiar. It was beads of sweat, which used to beautify your forehead, lying on the blades of grass in the form of dew. I was amazed how omnipresent you are!
I moved further and found children playing with gay abandon. Here again, I experienced something very known. Unremitting energy emanating from supple bodies had a semblance of your indefatigable exuberance.
By now I had passed quite a distance and understood more of you.
I was moving ahead with a mind full of your thoughts. Suddenly, a car screeched to halt.  The scene attracted attention of morning walkers. I too went there. I saw a lady frantically running to the site of the car where a boy of 10 was sitting his skin grazed and limbs bruised. First of all, she slapped him and then grabbed him in her arms. The child started crying but not because of pain but because of affection shown by his mother both in slap and in embrace.
Again I had a feeling of déjà vu. In your motherly scolding and affectionate reprimand, I have often experienced the emotions of that child. I was stunned how pervasive your impact is in the life, around me.
On the next bend of the road was a septuagenarian tottering with a stick. I found your patience in the stick to support a strong effort of feeble legs to traverse distances.
Now, I am assured that even if you are away, your presence is still very much there around me in variety of forms. And this presence will always defy the void that used to scare me to death. On my way back from the morning walk, I have earned this knowledge that you will remain in my life till my death, be it in any form-- droplets of dew or depths of patience!