Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A hug to my father!

In my childhood, I was a sheer brat. I never listened to anyone. The minute my father used to go out of house with some work and I didn’t have school then it was very necessary for me to go out as well. Even if I was warned of dire consequences by my mother, I used to go out to play leaving books to flutter in the cool air of fans.

Yes my father was a disciplinarian but I was also a rebellious in nature. The excitement of going out and play or get myself involved in the adventurous activity was a bigger lure to brave the thrashes from my father.

I, with the gang of my friends, used to wander aimlessly in the deserted places that were some one kilometers away from my home. Those days having a bicycle for kids of middle class was a luxury and we didn’t have that luxury but the absence of luxury was in no way any deterrent for me to venture out.

There was also one more thing that interested me the most apart from playing. I was fond of the toothsome churans,Golgapps and Ice Golas that used to be sold outside of the school. I was never allowed the pocket money that was out of proportions but these proportionate limit of pocket money was not enough for my salivating greed of tongue.

I wanted to stuff my mouth with every flavours of tangy churans, and Ice golas. But the scant pocket money of mine was a real handicap in attaining the Churanic nirvana. I had seen where my father used to keep the change after returning from the market. That was kind of a piggy bank of our house. The box in which the change coins used to be put was almost full. So, I decided to take some coins from that box. In the start, It was quite fun I was stealing the coins from the box and splurging them on my devil habits of churans and golas. The best part was that nobody in the house ever doubted that the money was  trickling away. Therefore, my audacity knew no bounds. With no one noticing the pilferage,now I become real rapacious and wanted more of the churan and gola dosage. And for that I wanted to steal more.

One day, I robbed the box of the more coins than of permissible limits of my larceny exercise. And that rang the alarm. My mother was the coroner- in- chief who unearthed the heist. She thrashed me and warned me to be ready for more physical exercises in the evening when my father would arrive. I was scared to death. When I got caught, I got ashamed of my deeds. I was feeling very embarrassed. Before getting caught I had never felt that kind of embarrassing feeling.   

I was praying to god seriously for an escape this time.

The evening came and my mother poisoned the ear of my father.  I was standing shuddering before them. My father listened and moved to bathroom to have his customary evening bath. I was thinking that he was making some other plans to teach me a lesson while bathing. But no, even after coming from bathroom he remained calm. He just said “never do it again!”

And that’s it. I moved forward and with my eyes welled up hugged him. My mom was really furious seeing me go scot free but I was happy. It was perhaps the last time that I had hugged my dad. Now I think that he deserves one more hug for being a great father during all these years.

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Friday, June 12, 2015

An unforgettable kiss of VICCO Turmeric Cream!

I had a dream to open a play school. My mom was a teacher and she was my inspiration. However, I did not want to do the regular teaching. The playschool part was more close to my heart. My mom advised me several times to look for a govt. job and do whatever I like after I get married. For Indian moms the marriage of their daughters are their prime concern since the day a daughter is born, and my mother was no different.

So, an entrepreneurial mind was not that so welcomed in my home. My dad also tried to persuade me away from the playschool thing. But, when I didn’t budge, he asked me a very pertinent question, “Where are you going to get the money for that?”

I had thought that my parents would fund my dream but it wasn’t so. They said pointblank that since it was my dream, it was my responsibility to raise money for that. I also saw some logic in that. Yes, it was my dream, so I had to take care of all the monetary needs that were essential to transmute my dream into a reality.

“Look you don’t have any experience of running a playschool, so it would be better if you join a playschool first and this way you can raise some money also. If you raise half of the amount then I assure you that I would help you out with the other half of the amount, “advised and comforted my mother.

In the intoxication of my dream of opening the playschool, I had totally negated some rational needs to start a business. So, as advised by my mother, I gave interview to some of the play schools of my city and I got selected in one. Though, the salary was low to start with I was told that after observing my performance for six months, I would be given a raise. Anyways, I didn’t have any other way out to understand the nitty- gritty of a playschool.

I got myself totally merged in the rhymes and plays at the play school. On and off, I used to be assigned the administrative tasks of the play school as well. Therefore, I was kind of getting an all-around experience in the play school. I had made some new friends at the school; they were the fellow teachers at the school.

One day, I conducted a play in the school,and after the play I was giving the children chocolates as gift and in return of the chocolate I asked a kiss on my cheek. But the children spurned my request. I was embarrassed that day. With my eyes welled up, I went straight to the bathroom. There in the mirror, I noticed the reason of the kids’ refusal to kiss me. I had cluster of pimples on both sides of my cheek and I was gleefully oblivious to it. Later in the evening, I told my mother about this and then she handed over to me the tube of  VICCO Turmeric Cream. She said that it would reduce the elements that make my skin oily and consequently it will help my skin trounce the pimples.

I applied the cream for fifteen days and now I had a squeaky-clean skin. Now kids were vying with each other to kiss me. It was a great change in my life and I thanked VICCO Turmeric Cream to bring about a radical change in my life. A kiss of VICCO Turmeric Cream changed the destiny of my facial skin and invited the Kids’ kisses too. I really love VICCO Turmeric Cream.

Umm, about my playschool,I will surely launch one some day.

P.S: This is a creative account!