Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Yes, I can revolt!

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I might be tiny sand and you can blow me away with the full force of your lungs, but remember that if I fall in your eyes, I can bring cataclysm to your sight-power. So, never consider me trivial, for I can revolt.
I might be a fragile glass and you can break me with your minimum of efforts, but remember that when I am forced to turn into smithereens, I can lacerate body more easily and can make your life miserable. So, never consider me frail, for I can revolt.
I might be tranquil and translucent water and you can bind me in dams with your brain, but remember when you try to strangulate me, I can decimate you beyond recognition. So, never disrespect me, for I can revolt.
I might appear brittle soil that you can till and douse your hunger, but remember that when you dig my bosom beyond tolerance, I can spit venom and devour you all. So, never try my patience, for I can revolt.
I might be a serene sky for most of the times smiling with sparkles of the Sun and the Stars, but remember that if you try to make me angry, I can become livid! My wrath can raze you. So, never instigate me, for I can revolt.
I might appear a luscious flower with fragrance, but remember that if you want to trample me, then I have got a team of thorns as well that can prick you to death. So never consider me only delicate, for I can revolt.
I might appear life giving, innocuous air, but remember that if you try to play smart with me, I can devastate you by building up or shrinking up my strength. So, never underestimate me, for I can revolt.
Sometimes, I see a semblance of these elements in Indian population as well. Yes, Indian population can revolt!


  1. Very Well written!!!!....Yes,We should never test someone's patience, for it might pay us back the worst we could have ever imagined...

    Good Post!!!

    1. Thanx Shalini for visiting and commenting.

  2. underestimating someone's strenght is the biggest mistake one can commit...if humans cannot tolerate the oppression for long and revolt against it by thier own devised methods, nature also revolts in its own ways if things go out of control..

  3. Hi there

    a great piece and very well written. For the past 15 years I have been using the word - revolt - as my nick; especially in gaming and even for my email address.

    I do really agree that Indians can revolt. I am a Pakistani and I know Pakistanis can revolt also... in fact, I believe that oppressed people are volatile... they can revolt any day, any minute.

    Anyways... I liked what you have written a lot. Thumbs up

    1. Hi! Imtiaz,

      Thanks for visiting and commenting.

      Revolt is a way of expression of oppressed that wants to show the oppressors their worth and I agree that it can happen in any part of the world where oppression is rampant.