Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Mist in the Mirror

I have always been able to talk to my mirror but today it seems unresponsive. I am not being able to see through it. It has a layer of mist in it. I am dejected at the thought of my best pal being drenched in the mist and not being in mood to communicate to me. Yes, my mirror is my best friend. It calls a spade a spade. It is a no –nonsense fellow.
It has always been there, whenever I felt like crying in solitude or whenever I wanted to share my mirth only with myself. Be that carefree childhood, tense teenage or confused adulthood stage, every aspect of my life has been scanned by it.
It has supported and consoled me on every occasion. And it has shared delights of my life with me. I was open to it in the same way as it is open to the world.
It taught me to look deep into thing; it taught me to be transparent in life; and it taught me to deal in details. Life with all its complexities was simple when I came to my mirror and asked for advice.
Somewhere down the line, I got busy with life and almost forgot to talk to my friend.  I got lost in my success and got indifferent to my chum of tough times. Today, when I need its help at a crucial juncture, it has gone numb. I know I am responsible for the numbness of my friend.
Today, it has a hazy look instead of a gleaming shine that it used to flaunt. I am shuddering to go near it. I know it will snub me. But without it by my side, I have got blind. I am totally unable to fathom out the depth of darkness in my life. I feel disorientated.
Suddenly, the doors of windows got flung open with the gust of the wind and a dove entered the room. With the frantic fluttering of its wings, I felt a part of the mist being wiped off. Yes! I saw a part of me in my friend. I rushed to my mirror and vehemently rubbed my palms against it and cleaned off the mist in completeness. Gosh! The mist was not in the mirror but on the mirror. I felt relieved. But at the same time I was cursing myself for not being able to assess the situation well. I should have come before the dove came to my friend and tried wiping the mist away.
Anyways, I am happy that I have found my friend again. Now it is talking and I am listening. So pls shhh…

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  1. :D wow very nice post! that's the best thing i will say to be the close friend of ourselves...