Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Your Memories in My Piggy Bank

Whenever, I think of you, the cool breeze of moonlight caresses my cheeks as if you have kissed me. I lose myself in the clutch of the moment. I don’t know why I feel this way for you, but what I know is that I feel a sense of utter bliss when I feel like this.
I fail to baptize our relationship, but still I fail to deny the relationship as well. Yes, we have a relationship with its all warmth and coziness. So what… if we can’t call it by a name? As long as there is breath in the relationship, it is meaningful for me.
I don’t want to let you go out of my life, but my situation is such that you can’t remain in my life either. What a quandary!
I know we will have to part ways but before our severance, I want to scribble every page of these times with your presence and drench every moment of this experience with your existence.
I know it is not practical to love you but at the same time it is not sin to feel this way for you. The realm of heart knows no rules. When it throbs it breaks the shackles of all reasoning and incarcerates me in your awesome charm. I forget everything when I remember you. I cry within when I imagine you moving away from my life. I try hard to imagine a life without you, but I fail to stop tears taking shape of storm in my eyes.
I understand the inevitability of the night after a bright sunny day, but still I want you to be the moon and stars of the night of my life. Even if, you are not present physically in my future, but sometimes, I would love you to rain in my life in the shape of clouds full of your memories.
I am collecting every moment drenched with your presence in my piggy bank. And when I open this piggy bank in future, I would love your memories to remind me that even if it was for a small time, I was part of an inexplicable happiness, and however beyond-reasoning our relationship was, it was a reality!

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