Sunday, April 10, 2011

Your Smile is Magic!

Image Courtsey: Google Images
What does magic do? It transforms! And yes, transform you as well. You very subtly chisel a pensive situation into a positive one. I don’t know why but your ability to touch a soul by your smile feels divine. It makes emotions pure and happiness sure.
When you are near, gloom seems aloof, and grin on others’ lips is only the proof.
Until I experienced your smile, I knew that only brushes can paint but I was wrong your smile paints as well. It paints hope, it paints comfort,  it paints satisfaction and above all it paints life.
Your smile is as wide as sky and very aptly it keeps stars ensconced in it. When I look at you I get the view of a majestic sky that is extensive and deep.
Flowers seem faded and jaded when you beam. Streams seem to scream as if they are telling why clink in your laughter is better than their fall?
But at the same time I know your smile is a mirage, it is not for me for a long time. It is going to disappear when I am going to touch it. But I am happy as long as it is touching me.

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