Monday, April 4, 2011

To juniors… with love

Flashback: In the fresher’s party you were raw, you were carefree. The effervescent attitude of yours had lit up the evening of fresher’s and everyone got enthralled by your à la mode demeanor. You personified zeal, zest, and zing!
Cut to few months later: In the farewell event, you showed that how quickly you have matured. The transition from being raw to being ripe is incredibly mesmerizing. Now, you have grown urbane and suave!
Right from invitation to reception, you were extremely businesslike in your approach. Every event of the evening was orchestrated to spawn an everlasting memory. Everything from ritzy razzmatazz to glitzy glamour was specially designed to cast a spell on the audience.
The evening was a breathtaking painting with the brushstrokes of lights, dance, and music. And this painting had all the hues of rays, rhythm, and ragas. Every performance was brimming with professionalism. The performers were connoisseurs of their art. Anyone could hardly tell that performers were amateurs.
The evening, wrapped with affection, attraction, and emotion, will remain etched in our memories forever! From our side we extend our good wishes to you for a tomorrow where your dreams are your reality.
Best of Luck!!!!!!!

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  1. Thank u bhaiya. its all bcz of u all seniors that we could learn and improve ourselves. we will follow ur step & try 2 improve ourselves further too.