Friday, April 1, 2011


A day, that has both the deafening silence of bereavement and the tranquil din of togetherness, is termed as the farewell day in college campuses across the world. On this day watch reverts and brings back memories of past to that day, as the surfs bring gems to the shore with every lapping from the depths of the sea.
On this day, emotions are on display. Body sways with the intoxication of achieving a milestone, but heart feels heavy and eyes feel soggy. Memories of past come unbidden to mind and very slyly try to influence a perforce smile on lips. People want to smile and cry at the same time on this day. Such emotional ambivalence is rare to experience save for the occasion of farewell at colleges.
When we come to the college confines, the immediate feeling is to rush back to home as soon as possible. We count seconds, minutes, hours, and days for the arduous sessions to finish, as soon as possible. We wish the college building to crumble, so that we can get rid of classes and assignments. The faculties seem rigorous ringmasters and we curse them from the deepest corner of our hearts.
But every feeling of animosity and negativity gets washed away in the gust of the occasion.
Hostel room starts feeling more homely than home, friends start to mean more than siblings and faculties get elevated to the level of parental figures.
In the beginning, every moment was cumbersome; in the end, every moment is awesome. In the beginning, every moment it felt like leaving the place; in the end every moment, it feels like settling down in the college forever.
Peers, who were competitors all along, seem bosom friends. Juniors, who were always meted out the behavior of second class citizens of the college, seem the apt heirs to carry forward the legacy of the college. Faculties who were stern disciplinarian become sweet embodiment of blessings.
Everything seem surreal on this day, everything seem mercurial on this day. This day is the final chapter of the bulky book of college life and everyone wants to carve one’s indelible impression on the forehead of this day, with utmost fervor and zeal.
Farewell day conceals in itself memories of past and promises of future. On the cusp of past and future, farewell day is the last chance to fill your experience-bag with one more friend and with one more moment.
Don’t hold back! On this day give full latitude to tears to laugh and smiles to cry.

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