Monday, March 21, 2011

I desire you!

When you were not there, things were bleak and bland around me, life had everything but the chirpiness of your voice and sweetness of your presence. I don’t know when the God decided to relent and to gift you in my bag of destiny. But what I know is that now you are in my life, and my life has colors of rainbow and fragrance of flowers.
I consider myself lucky that in the crowd of myriad people, the universe chose me to be a part of your life. You are the music of naughty cascade, notes of carefree rivers, and sounds of serene sea in my life.
Perfect is nothing! But you are the synonym of perfection for me. With you, this word becomes sensible, adorable, and palpable for me.
Nights used to have stars but for me the sheen in them came only after experiencing your smile. The Moon had its beauty but for me it became beautiful only after seeing your face. The Sun had its blinding radiance but for me it got its meaning only after seeing the soothing glint in your eyes. Nightingales used to be melodious but for me their voice became mellifluous only after hearing you.
A day is only of twenty-four hours, and now I curse those who kept it so short. Can’t there be a day that is sans the calculations of seconds and minutes? I wish to be with you in a time that is timeless. I wish an evening with you when Sun is ruddy but never sets and soft fingers of winds play with your hair and I enjoy this moment without a wink. Can’t there be a moment that is infinite? I want such a moment with you. In the infinity of that moment, I would like to make my affection for you deep and quiet.
My craving for you is as pure as a child has for her mother, my doting for you is as sure as for a child by her father. But still I wonder, am I right in feeling this way? I don’t know. Perhaps in this not knowing is ensconced an enigma that keeps me with you even in those times when I am without you.


  1. I am so touched....Lucky is the person for whom you have written... May all your dreams and desires come true..And May God gift you with many more wonderful people in your destiny of bag. You are such a marvelous person. God has specifically picked you to spread happiness in this world.. Take care

  2. awsome....very welll written...thanx a lot bhaiya....for sharing it wid us....