Monday, February 9, 2015

Being at the other side of the table!

Power and position consist of glamour quotient that has seduced the mankind since eons. And that power resides snugly ensconced in a chair. And the crux is about sitting on the right side of the chair.

The chasm provided by a table between the chairs is something remarkable. Within the distance of just few meters the definition of loser and winner in life is defined.

The glamour of power and position has spawned several megalomaniacs in human history, who had chairs.
Some were autocratic rulers, some were eccentric kings. But don’t ever think that the megalomaniacs have ceased to exist like the elves of your grand maa’s stories. They are very much around you and they have the chairs (that matter) and a table placed in front of them.

If you have ever had any encounter with a person who has a position that matters, then you must have got the feeling of worthlessness being at the other side of the table, if not then you must be lucky.
But generally for the poor souls like us, being at the other end of the table is recipe for being taken for granted.

The quality of such people occupying the- chairs- that -matter is that they have oodles of chutzpah to make you feel a worthless, spineless, and insignificant creature on the face of the earth. The rule of the game is that you always have to be in a bleating & requesting tone before them because only this tone can satisfy obedience expecting eyebrows of the across the table dweller.

You cannot afford to show the temerity to correct the wrong. Because the perennial unerring is in front of you and the continual incorrigible is in front of him (i.e. you).

You know that you are right, but can you say so? Certainly not!  Why? Because the system has enshrined some menacing powers in them through which they prove it again and again that it is you who is at fault, not them.

They can roar in the defense of their argument but you … at best can whimper, for you are on the other side of the table. Even if you are right, you have to pander to the not- so- right views of the person across the table.

The sides of the table decide who is king and who is clown. Between the distance and the ends of a table destiny derides and decides the losers and gainers of life! 



  1. Very well-written post, you have such a nice blog, thank you for visiting my blog :)

    1. Thanx Aunt Mary for you wonderful words and your visit.