Saturday, January 31, 2015

Quikr NXT is the Best!

It was totally stuffed coach of the train. I was travelling from Bareilly to Varanasi on a business trip. It was month of December but the radiations emitting out of the different bodies had made the ambience very hot and humid. And I don’t want to talk about the ruckus. It was at its peak. I plugged my earphones in both my ears, and immersed myself in the soothing music Kishore Kumar.

After some time I received a call, I attended to it. It was the response of an ad that I had put for my Bike to sell.

But amid the utter commotion and high-pitch of noise I could not talk with my prospective buyer. I tried his phone several times after that but he didn’t pick up my phone. Right from the bottom of my heart I wanted that time that every blabbering mouth went mute. But like every other wishes of mine this also didn’t come true. And as they say don’t change the world, change your ways. So I started to think about ways to how I could change my ways.

After my search, I found out that Quikr NXT had the answers to my miseries and it could enhance my selling experience with its several features. I would like to outline three most important reasons that make an online selling experience a smooth sailing and that make me its biggest fan.

Reason number one:
Man, you can talk with your future buyer with that chat option without even bothering about the ruckus around you. Here you can bargain about the price without attracting unwanted attention from the crowd. There are sometimes miscreants in the rail coaches who can misunderstand a negotiation talk involving the money and can follow you and even rob you. So with the QuikrNXT you are in safe surroundings.
Reason number two:
It is very tough to describe about the features of the product that you want to sell. So the photo sharing feature helps a great deal in terms of cutting down the hassles of making the buyer understand about the real status about the product. For example, if I am selling a book -shelf then I don’t have to bother about explaining the buyer that my book-shelf in not in a dilapidated condition and you please believe me. Now I just share the photos instantly to the satisfaction of the buyer and he/she can take her decision without losing much time.It could happen easily only because Quikr NXT.
Reason number three:
When you make the cell-phone number of yours public, then there are also some irritating experiences attached with it as well. You will get many unwanted calls playing pranks on you. Some will say that it is the police commissioner speaking and some will be the dreaded don. After using the Quikr NXT I have got absolved of all these irritating experiences.

I would strongly recommend the Quikr NXT for all the people interested in selling any articles online.

P.S : This fictional account is an entry to the Quikr NXT campaign at 


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