Sunday, February 15, 2015

ASUS ZENFONE : A suitable siren for you!

This valentine, I was on a rebound. So, I decided to be away from all the hustle and bustle of the city and the places which could remind me of my ex. Roaming on my bike, I reached a desolate place situated at the end of the city. It was surely a beach with the setting sun but it was not as famous among the people to waste their time around. Its abandoned look synchronized with my pensive mood.

With the setting of the sun my heart also seemed sinking.  I had never thought even in my dreams that we would ever drift away. But what to do, such is life!

Lying on the bed of sand, I was as crestfallen as the departing sun that was being disowned by the sky. Disowning is not a very nice feeling. I could understand the feeling of the sun being devoured by the sinister sea.

As I was enjoying delving the sand of the beach by my heels lying on the beach-bed, I encountered some obstruction that botched me from delving further.  My intrigued mind prodded me further to examine the source of obstruction.

As I delved further, a packet of cardboard appeared smeared with the marbles of sand appeared.  It was a packet of ASUS Zenfone 6.

I tore open the seal of the packet.  There was a slender beauty ensconced in the packet. I felt enamoured with it.  I started playing with it and its wonderful features made me forget all the agony that I had in my heart.

I am outlining its five features that captivated me like an enchantress.

Feature number one:

Its sensuous red colour and its slender size had me its thralls. I could not help touching it from angle to angle. The forever young colour and design of Asus Zenfone 6 is a recipe of rum for your eyes. You can’t take your eyes off of this svelte siren.

Feature number two:

It has amazing 13 mega pixel loaded primary and 2 mega pixel strong secondary camera. And the lady seduces with its both eyes to a tee. It captures all hues of life and presents you with its utter beauty even if it is low light.

Feature number three:

Asus Zenfone 6 has expandable memory up to 64 GB. It means that it has a very large heart for you. You can repose your all faith and files in it without worrying too much. It will never fail you in observing what you have to tell her in shape of videos or pictures.

Feature number four:

Asus Zenfone is packed with 1.6 GHz Intel Atom Z2560 Dual Core Processor and 2 GB of RAM. So it is not a dumb companion, she is a smart soul. You can play any high-end game or watch any high -quality video without facing any fuss.

Feature number five:

Asus Zenfone has hassle free Wi - Fi and 3G connectivity that let you enter a world full of surprises. You only need to go near her.
So the more you interact with her the more enamoured you feel with her. I don’t think that there is any better enchantress than AsusZenfone 6 to be your valentine!


  1. Wow really awesome one. I wish I could have got one. Thank u for sharing your experience. Keep posting with lots more.

  2. Thanx Shreya for your lovely comment.