Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Pampers: A recipe for peaceful sleeps of your baby!

My husband is mostly out of town on the tour, given his marketing job.  So, it is mostly me and my handsome 2 years old prince who have to take care of loneliness of each other. I share with him stories of my childhood, my college days and even days of my courtship. He smiles with his cacophonous bliss to approve of my mischief of my childhood. He is a true mischief himself that is why perhaps he likes my tomboyish stories.

Going through my wedding album at night with my son is a daily ritual. Every day, I introduce him with his grand- dad and grand- mother, his uncle and his aunts. I have observed that he likes me in the bridal wear a lot. He insists on staring at that picture. If I turn the leaf of the album he starts crying. I think that he loves the whole concept of wedding.

I weave stories of his wedding with the shy and lovely moon of the night. He also enjoys staring transfixed at the sight of moon. I keep him ensconced in the cradle in our balcony and he keeps himself lost in the world of moon and stars.  I don’t know if it is the effect of my story that he seems so attached with moon or he has some leanings for astronomy.

I always make it a point that he hears the voice of his father daily. I call him every night when he is away, I put the earpiece of the phone near my baby and he enjoys a lot listening to the voice of his father. And after talking with his father, he sleeps the whole night so well. I wrap him in his favorite diaper and it is only in the morning that I hear his cries.

But once I had encountered a real problem with his sleep.

Actually, once my sister, who had come on the vacation trip to my city with her college group and after her project finished she decided to spend the weekend with me. I was really excited to see my sister after almost a year. She was doing her masters in psychology and had come to the city to do a project on motivation of blue collared workers in coal mines of my city. I had prepared a very sumptuous dinner for my sister. After a very long time we ate together.

I did all the bed time rituals for my baby. He seemed also very happy playing with my sister. But in the night he got up crying several times. I patted him to sleep. Next day when he again started crying in his sleep, it got me worried as to why he was behaving like that. I gave him gripe water thinking his stomach must be aching. But there was no respite in his crying.

It was my sister who hinted that it might be his diaper that must be wet and that is why he was crying.  I touched the diaper from out- side diaper and it seemed dry but when I opened it, it was real soggy.  I changed the diaper but after two hours he again started crying. I again checked his diaper and it was drenched again.

Then it downed upon me that I had changed his PampersDiapers to other brand and that is why he was feeling that way. I asked my sister to look after my son and went to the market and fetched his favorite PampersDiapers.  I wrapped his bottoms in Pampers. And what a relief it was for me. He became a cool dude again by sleeping without crying. Since then I have never changed his Pampers Diapers.

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