Tuesday, February 17, 2015

My Bucket List: to sprinkle a listless life with some spices!

The throng on the Delhi metro is really crushing. Your muscles get sapped of all the energy by the evening. After being bruised and battered by every hour of the day, when I reach home totally frazzled in the evening, I am informed by my wife that our maid didn’t come today.  It felt like a thunderbolt to me. Not coming of the maid means that today I have to prepare the dinner.

Actually my wife is bedridden for last five years that is why I have kept a maid to cook the food. Doctors have given strict regimen for diet of my wife and the market foods are a real no no given their infection-doling ability. So, today I will have to make the food. It is not that I abhor cooking but after slogging my ass off whole day in office, I need some amount of decent rest. But if I don’t cook then my wife would have to starve and that is not good for her health. When she was healthy she used to cook some very scrumptious recipes for me. We don’t have any child so she made cooking her passion. She had forgotten the pain of being childless in different recipes entailing flavors from Indian cuisines to continental tastes.

After serving food to my wife and finishing my dinner, I sat on my laptop and started trawling through the net. There, I found at ‘www. indiblogger.in’   that the indi-happy hour(sponsored by IDBI FEDERAL) is asking for a bucket list.

Sure I do have them.

Here I outline the five things of my bucket list that I would have done given there is no tension about money:
1)      I would take my wife to the best medical facility available in the world to treat her paralysis. Doctors had told that if I take her to a very renowned hospital in India then she could recover in 1 year, but since I don’t have enough money that is why her progress is taking time.

2)      I would have hired a full-time covey of chefs to cook different types of delicious cuisines. And I and my wife would have been enjoying all different kinds of cuisines without worrying about toiling to cook.

3)      If I had enough of money then I would have booked a full cruise for my wife and should have spent whole year swinging on the waves of the Mediterranean Sea. And I would have booked all the great musicians of the world to play for us the whole year.

4)      If I had not to think about money then I would have made a full length Bollywood romantic movie with my wife playing the role of the Juliet and I myself playing the role of Romeo. I would have hired the Yash Raj Banner to direct and market the movie. I would have hired Mr. Amitabh Bachchan and Hemamalini to  play the role of the parents of Juliet.

5)      If I had enough of money then I would have liked to build a house in the hills. From where I could touch the clouds in its pristine form and rub a piece of cloud on the cheeks on my wife. She really loves touching the clouds filled with liquid.

Now I have to go to give medicine to my wife. Good Night!


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