Saturday, February 28, 2015

Quikr NXT: A hassle free ride to get rid of your used car!

Being a single mother and that too who is working is a tough ask. Every day I drop my 5 years old daughter to her kindergarten while going to the office and pick her up during my lunch time. And after putting her at my mother’s place I go again back to my office. And in this, my car supports me a lot. Though it has become old but it is in fine condition. It runs smooth like a knife through the butter.

I still remember when I had bought it after savings of my first job.  I had given the ride from Pune to Mahabaleshwar to my parents. I had gone on picnics with my college days friends in this car. When I had adopted my daughter, I had brought her home in this car. So, this car is of a great emotional value to me.
Many of my colleagues had taunted me several times that an art director of so big advertising agency does not suit coming in this this trite car. But I was in no way ready to accept their pieces of advice.  I loved my queen.  I could never have thought to sell off.

My car and I are living “happily ever after”.

But one day, the happy tryst with my car become sour . On a rainy night, while I was going to pick my daughter from my mother’s house, I felt some jerks while changing the gears. And after getting jerk for 2-3 times, it stopped. It was a desolate road and the rain was lashing the earth with all of its vehemence. 
I was putting the key in to ignite the engine but was failing. In the desolate road, I was feeling scared to death.  I was putting the key again and again in the keyhole to ignite, but failed. I thought of calling my colleague Sandhya. But her mobile was unreachable.  I was in real jeopardy now. One car stopped and a guy alighted from the car, came near to me and asked me: “Can I help you madam?”

He was stinking of hooch.

“No, Thank you… my husband is coming,” I replied him to avoid. In giving reference of husband is necessary if you are stuck up in such situation.

As I was talking to him, I was trying to ignite the engine as well and by the grace of God my car started. And I pressed the accelerator with full speed. I changed the gears from 1 to 5 in no time. I came away from that dreadful place and took a sigh of relief.

Next day, I showed the car to my mechanic.  After examination he discovered that the rings of the engine had worn out and it needed emergent replacing. After the repair of the car in the evening he advised me to part ways with the car and started to give me some offers.

But her offers were skewed towards his profit not mine.

After that scary incident I had also made up my mind in the night that I will sell of this car, but wanted to sell it off on my conditions.  The gruesome experience of the night had pushed me to come out of my emotional cocoon and think realistically and practically.

I had created one slogan for in the past. So, it suddenly dawned upon me that why not use it. When I searched more about Quikr, I found out about Quikr NXT app. I downloaded it on my mobile. And it was really helpful. I could chat with all the prospect buyers and bargain in my favour. Within just fifteen days I sold off my car and that was a profit considering the wear and tear it had and considering the amount I had spent on its repair.

After this Quikr NXT experience, now I advise others to sell off their car only through Quikr NXT.

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