Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A walk with you!

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I want to enjoy a walk with you.
Just one walk!
For this walk, I want all the fortitude of a tree and all the attitude of a sea. I want to remain as inseparable to you in this journey as rays are to the sun. I want to share with you every frustration and every fun.
I want to share with you valleys full of flowers and alleys full of thorns. I want to be with you in moments full of frolics and minutes full of concerns.
 I want to be with your every yard that is silent but strong; every pace that is right or wrong.
I want to be the sweat on your forehead and pant in your lungs. I want to be your silhouette on the earth head and strength for your rungs.
 I want to be the thirst of your soul and mirth of your goal. I want to be with your every part and every whole.
I want to be the mist of your eyes and grist of your whys. I want to be with you in your every reason and every season.
I want to walk along with you when it is sweet sun or hot moon, be they times of sheer bane or pure boon.

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I want to walk with you even when you have sagging cheeks and oblivious mind; tottering limbs and trembling lips.
I want a walk with you that is as surreal as a dream, as real as a stream, and as leal as a gleam.
Won’t you allow me this one walk with you?
Just one walk!


  1. beautiful words , which filled with pure desires ......thanx

  2. Wow! How Romantic. Words have flown in so easily. Absolutely brilliant.

  3. This post was "A walk to rememeber".

  4. @ Sandhya Jee: Thanx for visiting the site

    @ SpicySweet: Thanx forcommenting without fail