Sunday, June 19, 2011

Being a Father!

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The moment a bundle of joy is entrusted to a man by a nurse; an utter transformation of personality takes place in his life. The feel of soft body and warmth of innocent eyes, cast a spell on a person with its enchanting enigma forever.
The cry of baby is a clarion call for a battle of responsibilities ahead. Being a father is about playing multiple roles under one name. Parent, friend, teacher, guide, mentor are names of some characters that dwell in the personality of a father.


But at the same time being father is fun as well. Being father is about being a child again. Babbling with the baby to make her happy as if you really understand what she is saying is an exhilarating experience. Even if, age has taken its toll and you pant hugely after a short run, you keep running behind the bicycle of your daughter to save her from falling off when she is learning to run and ride it.
And, when your child doodles some unintelligible lines for the first time, you become his first fan and praise him as if he has displayed the skills of a Picasso or a Michael Angelo. And your praise gives him the very first taste of being recognized.
Be it losing in fake boxing or feigning that your son bowled a marvelous spell to bamboozle you are some small but sweet aspects of being a father.

It is not that being a father is always about being nice. Sometimes a scold, a thrash, and a stare are needed as therapeutic measures to reform the anomalies of children’s behavior. True, it is tough to be a father because you need to know the art of balancing love and lessons.
Gradually, children grow and a father grows with them as well. He shares their anxiety for exams, anticipation for results and decisions for a career.
But the role refuses to end here.
The important day of an important aspect of life comes in the life of his children: the marriage day. On this day, he has a mixed feeling of happiness and sadness. It seems that he fulfilled the responsibility of being a father. He takes a sigh of relief.
But the sigh is cut short in a year or two when he is informed that he has become a grand- father and his expertise are needed. Again, he starts being a child with the prattle of his grand -child. So, being a father is a continuous experience without a period inserted.
Happy father’s day!!!!


  1. When we were kids, we had been taught that “God is our Father”, but I Say, “Our Father is our God” because he is the person, who has taught us that God exists and He also plays a multiple role like GOD. :)

    Wonderful Post!!!

    Happy Father’s Day!!!

  2. Happy Father's Day to all the readers!!!

  3. That was very touching.. Happy Father's day !! :)

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  5. I had goose bumps when I read your post Neeraj! So true. Absolutely brilliant.
    The post is so touching.

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