Monday, June 13, 2011

They Sing & They Dance!

They adorn the night with the rhythms, notes, moves, and music. They are quintessential part of any wedding ceremony in India and they weave an enchanting mist that enwraps the whole of the evening. They sing, they dance, and they intoxicate the air with mirth. People sway to their tunes and get engrossed in the magic of moments.
They are not the part of the family, but you can hardly tell them apart from the family. Their zeal and energy is at par with the others closely associated with the marriage.  The whole night of a wedding function remains awake to the rhythm and ragas of these people.
They are no Kishore Kumars or Kareena Kapoors of Bollywood, but the charm that they conjure up in no less than them. Their movements of body and voice cast a spell on the audiences and they remain glued to their performances.

The exuberant smile and unremitting energy oozing out of them, compels even a devout pessimist to visit hope in life. How is it possible to be so happy and enthusiastic without any valid reason? You might argue that they get money for what they are doing and money is the ultimate inspirational source in the world. It can have any one sing or dance.
But I would like to differ here. I guess that it is their love for life that gets reflected in their performances. They could also have indulged themselves in the complaining that why didn’t life give them destiny of movie stars when they have more or less the same qualities. They are happy for what they have and who they are.
And they celebrate every moment of their existence with ecstasy and style. The fountainhead of their happiness lies in their heart, which doesn’t reason or argue about the quality of happiness. It treats happiness as only happiness sans any yardsticks of low quality of happiness or high quality of happiness.
Isn’t there a lesson hidden in their behavior for all of us, who are searching for happiness frantically, without, instead of within?

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  1. Happiness can be experienced by anyone anytime..students experience happiness in their gruelling effort to excel just by a mere thought of the outcome of their here we see even pain produces happiness in an individual