Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Being Ordinary!

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Is it necessary for everyone to be famous? Is it necessary for everyone to be adored by a frantic legion of fans? Is it necessary for everyone to be a face in the crowd?
To be a part of the crowd also has its virtues. No one might recognize you as an Amithabh Bachchan or a Sachin Tendulkar but still the life of an ordinary man is worth living.
The happiness is not slave of imposing mansions or lengthy limousines. Innumerable hearts, every moment, aspire to become a star of their dreams and the same numbers of hearts get broken every moment as well.
The rejection and dejection seep in every pore of mind and soul in such situations that make a person frail and feeble. In moments of despair some take extreme steps.
The education system, that induces the madness for being a topper in the tender minds, makes a grave mistake by avoiding the average and ordinary minds that have tremendous spark smoldering in them.
When we avoid ordinary minds, we get devoid of extraordinary feats that the world could have witnessed.
Being ordinary has its charm. When the ordinary laughs it resonates life, when ordinary sobs it reflects concern. The ordinary is not cosmetic in its approach to the lives around it, its approach is genuine.
The ordinary is sensitive, the ordinary is emotional. The ordinary wipes tears and allays fear. The ordinary is always there, always near.
The slurping of tea at a roadside hotel (read shanty), the fragrance of perspiration in a stuffed compartment of a train, the din of haggling in a vegetable mart are part and parcel of an ordinary life, but these experiences create extra-ordinary moments.
And, it is moments that make a life more enjoyable and livable? So, be ordinary and enjoy extraordinary moments.


  1. Being ordinary is living the real life :)
    Nice post..!!

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  2. excellent post!!the best I have read so far..
    the writer is successful in bringing out the joy of being ordinary among the extraordinaries...
    Keep it up..
    Looking for more of such thought provoking posts in future....

  3. excellent post...being ordinary is being simple...and being simple is the toughest thing to be...

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