Thursday, March 10, 2011

Life is a Tryst!

Life is a tortuous odyssey instead of a straight journey. It has more mysteries than the essence of the word mystery itself. We get nonplused at the enormity of happiness and grief that we encounter during the experience called, life.

We meet people, we experience them, they come to know us, and they become part of our lives. They are not connected to us through blood, but despite that, they sob when we suffer and they support when we fall. They dream for us when we are sleeping, they root for us when we are languishing.

Can we fashion names for such people? We can call them friends, pals, well-wishers… but will these words be able to do justice to or capture the volumes of emotions that this relationship contains? I guess no.
This beyond- christening relationship is the apogee of the emotional pursuit in a human’s life.  Perhaps, it is only within this relationship that humans travel miles and feel that how short the journey was? It is also perhaps only in this journey that travails seem less troublesome and tears come to eyes unbidden. Why? I wonder!
Who are these people we feel weak for? Who are these people we feel sick for?
Can we define?
Perhaps in this inexplicability, the grandeur of this relationship lies. It has its charm in being nameless. Names confine. And this relationship flourishes when it is nameless and beyond confinements.
Though, there is no apparent strings of names that binds this rapport, yet something is there that attracts us, something is there that calls us.
Times come amid the journey called life, when we have got to change directions. However close we want to remain, nature forces us apart. Is there any message in this event? Is it any type of acid test that tries the tenacity of this rapport? Instead of considering this an intervention of demon, can we take it as deity’s interference who wants good for all the parties involved in it?
Again I am clueless.
But one thing I am sure of is that these people will remain indelibly imprinted on the surface of soul until the end of this lag of life and who knows we might meet again in the next lag!
But, I would like to remain in this lag, for the time being. Do we consider that once parted will ever remain parted?
As I stated earlier life is a tortuous odyssey and on a bend of it we will meet suddenly and be surprised to a tee. The heart will experience moments of bliss on that day. Can we experience the rapture without being ruptured? If no, then brace up for poignant moments of today in certain expectations of fortuitous tryst of tomorrow.
Yes, we will meet again!

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  1. i ll alwaz treasure u my frnd....u r an intellect....itz reflectd in ur writing.....n dnt b upset coz v meet 2 part....n v part 2 meet...!