Thursday, March 17, 2011

When Annihilation Comes Calling….

Helpless eyes, frantic silence, unbearable pain, unremitting tear-streams, deafening cries: these are some gruesome components of a fateful situation. Japan is going through this poignant state and intelligentsia spread across the internet platform are busy weighing how humans have been mean in order to exploit the nature and how the tsunami is the result of human’s own deeds or misdeeds.
This time is not about moaning how humans have been to the planet earth, but to show a sense of humanity and to reduce heart-rending experiences, of Japanese people, as far as possible. The history will not remember us for our candid and scathing remarks, but for our considerate and compassionate actions.
Whenever any calamity strikes it brings people together. Happiness separates, grief binds. Such is the way of life!
But there are some super-humans, who are leaving no stone unturned to create dismemberment in this togetherness.
No doubt the moments of catastrophe conceal lessons in it to be learnt. But we should not be analyzer of downsides at this very juncture. The picking up of pros and cons at the time of devastation is macabre. It only shows how brutal and cruel we as human beings can be in order to prove ourselves intelligent.
Panic stricken people, debris strewn streets, ruined homes are enough for any normal human being to move to tears and pray for fast recovery of people of Japan from this cataclysmic situation. But there are some sections of people who think that rubbing salt to an injury will make them sound wiser than other ordinary human beings.
But I guess that this time is all about being human not supra- human. We need hearts that are made of wax not of stone, we need souls that are congenial not callous!
We should pray in unison for a better tomorrow and a brighter Sun for Japan.

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