Wednesday, March 2, 2011

For You…

When it is ‘for you’ it has to be special; when it is ‘for you’ it has to be extraordinary; and when it is ‘for you’ it has to be inimitable. Hasn’t it? Such is human tendency. We always want the best for ‘Yous’ in our lives.
Why is it so?
Because when we want to give, we want to offer the best. The emotion of ‘giving’ is in its purest form when it etches lines of smile on the face. In this already selfish world, smile as an offering is precious. So, always try to ensure that your ‘you’ is never bereft of a giggle. It will cement the relationship in a beamy way.
And when smile is there, happiness will get scattered in life. Every ounce of life will get soaked with energetic aura of hope. Things will start falling in place and prosperity will rain to drench you to a tee.
Fashion dreams for your ‘you’ that is sans adversity and life-full of strength. Carve chapters that give confidence of a life that has characteristics of a river-flow and tranquility of a sea. Fill your  you’s eyes with sparkle of gems and radiance of galaxy.
When it comes to ‘for you’, you won’t like to give her/him anything that is less than the soar of an eagle’s wings and purchase of a banyan tree. So, that even if your ‘you’ flies away in the skies, he/ she has a strong rapport with the aroma of your breath. And this way your ‘you’ will always come back to you.
Embellish your  you’s life with dulcet sounds of a flute and mellifluous chanting of morning prayers. Gift your ‘you’ the serenity of pristine dew and eternity of flowers with every hue!

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