Sunday, March 20, 2011

When Colors Speak…

We as humans have always been eager to express ourselves. We have used everything from voice to dance to let the world know how and what we feel about a particular thing. Anger, fear, and danger: we have communicated our every expression with the use of several modes of expression. But we have kept aside one thing to speak for our exclusive feelings of love, compassion, and affection, and that is colors.
The way colors dissolve in the air and the water; we want our feelings to dissolve in the heart to fill it with cloying emotions. We want to remain reticent on some occasions and want only colors to blare for us. Colors represent our excitement, exuberance and energy for life.
Colors are poetry of our soul. Colors are rhythms that reverberate across the human psyche to blow a sense of renaissance. Colors refute the existence of something that is dull and drab. Instead of stagnation, they (colors) believe in the concept of incessant speed.
Since colors in themselves are life, God painted everything with color. From blue Sky to grey Earth and from white Moon to red Sun, everything bears the blessings of God in a color or the other. Colors convey to us that the different shades are different emotions of life and the way these different shades remain vibrant, one should also remain vigorous through ups and downs of life. At least this way one can negate the negativity that forces us to submit to challenges. So, colors suggest courage to conquer the commotions of life.
When colors utter, the sound becomes chant of a hymn, when colors sing, the notes become voice of a raga. When colors dance, the expressions become as celestially enthralling as movements of heavenly nymphs, so why not let the world be wrapped in the trance of these movements, forever!

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